Polish actresses died as a result of Fire

Here are 1 famous actresses from Poland died in Fire:

Halina Zalewska

Halina Zalewska (November 25, 2014 Poland-August 19, 1976 Rome) a.k.a. Ella Karin, Ilya Karin or Alina Zalewska was a Polish actor.

Born in Poland in 1914, Halina Zalewska began her career in acting at a young age. She quickly established herself as a talented performer and gained recognition for her roles in theater and film. In the 1930s, she began to work in the film industry, appearing in a number of successful films. During the Second World War, Zalewska was active in the Polish resistance movement and used her acting skills to help smuggle people and information across borders. After the war, she moved to Italy where she continued to act in films and theater productions. She became known for her performances in Italian, French, and Polish productions. Zalewska was also recognized for her work as a director and screenwriter, and was one of the few female filmmakers in Italy in the 1950s and 1960s. She passed away in Rome in 1976 at the age of 61, leaving behind a legacy as a skilled and pioneering actor and filmmaker.

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