Polish musicians born in the year 1954

Here are 5 famous musicians from Poland were born in 1954:


Basia (September 30, 1954 Jaworzno-) also known as Basia Trzetrzelewska is a Polish singer, record producer, songwriter and singer-songwriter.

Discography: Time and Tide, London Warsaw New York, Clear Horizon: The Best of Basia, Basia on Broadway: Live at the Neil Simon Theatre, Brave New Hope, Angels Blush, Basia, More Fire Than Flame, The Sweetest Illusion and It's That Girl Again. Genres she performed: Sophisti-pop, Jazz, Pop music, Soul music and Adult contemporary music.

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Apostolis Anthimos

Apostolis Anthimos (September 25, 1954 Siemianowice Śląskie-) is a Polish musician.

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Grzegorz Skawiński

Grzegorz Skawiński (July 6, 1954 Mława-) also known as Grzegorz Skawinski, Skawiński, Grzegorz or Skawa is a Polish production designer, musician and composer.

His albums: and Me & My Guitar.

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Antonina Krzysztoń

Antonina Krzysztoń (June 13, 1954 Poland-) also known as Antonina Krzyszton or Krzysztoń, Antonina is a Polish , .

Her albums include Czas bez skarg, Każda chwila, Kiedy przyjdzie dzień, Perłowa łódź, Takie moje wędrowanie, Wołanie, dwa księżyce, Inne światy, Pieśni postne and .

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Andrej Nebb

Andrej Nebb (June 14, 1954-) also known as Andrzej Dziubek or Nebb, Andrej is a Polish , .

His albums include Natural and Kvite Fuglar.

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