Polish musicians died when they were 71

Here are 23 famous musicians from Poland died at 71:

Karol Lipiński

Karol Lipiński (October 30, 1790 Lublin-December 16, 1861 Lviv) otherwise known as Karol Lipinski was a Polish violinist.

His albums include .

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Aleksander Ford

Aleksander Ford (November 24, 1908 Kiev-April 4, 1980 Naples) a.k.a. Alexander Ford or Mosze Lifszyc was a Polish film director and screenwriter. He had four children, Aleksander Ford, Konstancja Ford, Justyna Ford and Roman Ford.

He died in suicide.

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Władysław Hasior

Władysław Hasior (May 14, 1928 Nowy Sącz-July 15, 1999 Kraków) was a Polish personality.

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Tad Danielewski

Tad Danielewski (March 29, 1921 Radom-January 6, 1993 Los Angeles) a.k.a. Tadeusz Zbigniew Danielewski was a Polish film director. His children are Poe, Mark Z. Danielewski and Christopher Danielewski.

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John Jonston

John Jonston (September 15, 1603 Szamotuły-June 8, 1675) was a Polish physician and botanist.

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Józef Andrzej Załuski

Józef Andrzej Załuski (January 12, 1702 Warsaw-January 7, 1774) was a Polish writer.

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Jan Andrzej Morsztyn

Jan Andrzej Morsztyn (June 26, 1621 Poland-January 8, 1693) was a Polish writer. He had one child, Izabela Elżbieta Morsztyn.

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Karol Irzykowski

Karol Irzykowski (January 23, 1873 Poland-November 2, 1944 Żyrardów) was a Polish writer.

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Franciszek Nowicki

Franciszek Nowicki (January 29, 1864-September 3, 1935) was a Polish writer and politician.

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Piotr Kuncewicz

Piotr Kuncewicz (March 19, 1936-April 9, 2007) was a Polish writer.

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Albert Wojciech Adamkiewicz

Albert Wojciech Adamkiewicz (August 11, 1850 Żerków-October 31, 1921) also known as Dr. Albert Wojciech Adamkiewicz was a Polish physician.

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Edmund Białas

Edmund Białas (August 15, 1919 Poznań-July 24, 1991) was a Polish personality.

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Wiesław Adam Berger

Wiesław Adam Berger (June 6, 1926 Ostrava-January 15, 1998 Ostrava) was a Polish writer.

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Marian Foik

Marian Foik (October 6, 1933 Ruda Śląska-May 20, 2005 Warsaw) was a Polish personality.

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Leopold Tajner

Leopold Tajner (May 15, 1921-February 24, 1993) was a Polish personality.

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Zygmunt Rumel

Zygmunt Rumel (April 5, 2015-July 10, 1943) was a Polish personality.

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Władysław Turowicz

Władysław Turowicz (April 23, 1908 Siberia-January 8, 1980 Karachi) was a Polish scientist.

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Allan Gray

Allan Gray (February 23, 1902 Tarnów-September 10, 1973 Amersham) also known as Josef Zmigrod, Allan Grey or Józef Żmigrod was a Polish composer and film score composer.

His albums include Jazzy Interlude / Swing Doors. Genres he performed include Film score.

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Ludwig Gumplowicz

Ludwig Gumplowicz (March 9, 1838 Kraków-August 19, 1909 Graz) was a Polish personality.

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Tadeusz Bór-Komorowski

Tadeusz Bór-Komorowski (June 1, 1895 Lviv-August 24, 1966 London) a.k.a. Tadeusz Bor-Komorowski was a Polish personality.

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Mordechai Anielewicz

Mordechai Anielewicz (April 5, 2015 Wyszków-May 8, 1943 Warsaw) a.k.a. Little Angel was a Polish personality.

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Alfred Józef Potocki

Alfred Józef Potocki (July 29, 1817 Łańcut-May 18, 1889 Paris) a.k.a. Alfred Jozef Potocki was a Polish politician. He had one child, Roman Potocki.

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Hilary Minc

Hilary Minc (August 25, 1905 Kazimierz Dolny-November 26, 1976 Warsaw) was a Polish personality.

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