Russian actors who were born in 1918

Here are 6 famous actors from Russia were born in 1918:

Andrei Alekseyevich Popov

Andrei Alekseyevich Popov (April 12, 1918 Kostroma-June 14, 1983 Moscow) a.k.a. Andrei Alexeyevich Popov, Andrei Alekseevich Popov or Andrei Popov (I) was a Russian actor and film director.

Georgiy Vitsin

Georgiy Vitsin (April 23, 1918 Zelenogorsk, Saint Petersburg-October 22, 2001 Moscow) also known as G. Vitsiner, G. Vitsin, Georgi Mikhailovich Vitsin, Georgy Mikhailovich Vitsin, Georgij Vitsin or Georgi Vitzin was a Russian actor and voice actor. His child is called Natalia Vitsina.

Sergei Tseits

Sergei Tseits (February 1, 1918-October 1, 1994) a.k.a. S. Tseits was a Russian actor.

Mikhail Gluzsky

Mikhail Gluzsky (November 21, 1918 Kiev-June 15, 2001 Moscow) also known as Mikhail Andreyevich Gluzsky, Михаил Глузский, Михаил Андреевич Глузский, M. Gluzskiy, M. Gluzsky, Mikhail Gluzskij, Michail Glusski, Mikhail Glusski or Mihail Gluzki was a Russian actor. He had two children, Mariya Fedotova and Andrey Gluzsky.

Mikhail Kuznetsov

Mikhail Kuznetsov (February 25, 1918 Bogorodsk-August 23, 1986) also known as M. Kuznetsov or Mikhail Artemyovich Kuznetsov was a Russian actor.

Fima Noveck

Fima Noveck (March 29, 1918 Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic-March 30, 2004 New York City) was a Russian film editor and actor.

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