Russian actors who deceased at age 79

Here are 5 famous actors from Russia died at 79:

Mikhail Ulyanov

Mikhail Ulyanov (November 20, 1927 Muromtsevsky District-March 26, 2007 Moscow) a.k.a. Mikhail Alexandrovich Ulyanov, M.Ulyanov, Mihail Uljanov, Michail Uljanow, M. Ulyanov or Mikhail Aleksandrovich Ulyanov was a Russian actor and film director. His child is called Elena Ulyanova.

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Sergei Gerasimov

Sergei Gerasimov (May 21, 1906 Chelyabinsk-November 26, 1985 Moscow) a.k.a. S. Gerasimov, Sergei Appolinariyevich Gerasimov or Sergei Appolinarievich Gerasimov was a Russian film director, screenwriter and actor. He had one child, Artur Makarov.

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Igor Kvasha

Igor Kvasha (February 4, 1933 Moscow-August 30, 2012 Moscow) also known as Igor Vladimirovich Kvasha was a Russian actor. His child is Vladimir Kvasha.

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Stanislav Rostotsky

Stanislav Rostotsky (April 21, 1922 Rybinsk-August 10, 2001 Vyborg) also known as Stepan Stepanov, S. Rostotsky or Stanislav Iosifovich Rostotsky was a Russian screenwriter, film director, actor and theater arts educator. He had one child, Andrei Rostotsky.

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Archil Gomiashvili

Archil Gomiashvili (March 23, 1926 Chiatura-May 31, 2005 Moscow) a.k.a. Archil Mikhailovich Gomiashvili or Archil Mikhaylovich Gomiashvili was a Russian actor. He had four children, Mikheil Gomiashvili, Zurab Gomiashvili, Nina Gomiashvili and Ekaterina Gomiashvili.

He died caused by cancer.

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