Russian movie stars died in 1952

Here are 2 famous actors from Russian Empire died in 1952:

Lev Fenin

Lev Fenin (November 17, 1886-November 18, 1952) a.k.a. L. Fenin was a Russian actor.

He was born in the city of Kharkov in the Ukraine and began his acting career in 1906 at the Moscow Art Theater. Fenin also acted in silent films in the 1910s, including the film "Desire" in 1917. He was known for his deep, baritone voice and powerful stage presence. In addition to his acting work, Fenin also directed several plays and was a teacher of acting at the Moscow Art Theater School. He passed away in Moscow in 1952.

Ivan Bobrov

Ivan Bobrov (February 7, 1904 Moscow-April 12, 1952 Moscow) also known as I. Bobrov or I.V. Bobrov was a Russian actor.

Bobrov was one of the most successful film actors of the Soviet era, appearing in dozens of films throughout his career. He began his acting career in the 1920s, initially performing with a number of theater troupes before transitioning to film. Bobrov became well-known for his charming and charismatic performances, often playing romantic leads or comedic characters. Despite the highly regulated nature of the Soviet film industry, he managed to maintain his popularity throughout the 1930s and into the post-war era. In addition to his work as an actor, Bobrov was also a talented musician and songwriter, composing several popular songs. He died suddenly in 1952 at the height of his career, leaving behind a legacy as one of the most beloved actors of his generation.

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