Russian actors who deceased in 1998

Here are 4 famous actors from Russia died in 1998:

Rolan Bykov

Rolan Bykov (November 12, 1929 Kiev-October 6, 1998 Moscow) also known as Rolan Antonovich Bykov, Roland Anatolyevich, R. Bykov, Rolan Bokov or Rolan Bõkov was a Russian actor, film director, poet, songwriter, screenwriter and voice actor. His children are called Oleg Bykov and Pavel Sanaev.

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Valeri Frid

Valeri Frid (January 13, 1922 Tomsk-September 7, 1998 Moscow) also known as Valeri Semyonovich Frid or V. Frid was a Russian screenwriter and actor.

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Caspar Wrede

Caspar Wrede (February 8, 1929 Vyborg-September 25, 1998 Helsinki) a.k.a. Casper Wrede, Caspar Wrede af Elimä, Casper Gustav Kenneth Wrede or Baron Caspar Wrede af Elimä was a Russian film director, theatre director, actor and television producer.

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Leonid Kinskey

Leonid Kinskey (April 18, 1903 Saint Petersburg-September 8, 1998 Fountain Hills) also known as Leonid Kinsky, The Mad Russian, L. Kinsky or Mad Russian was a Russian actor and singer.

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