Russian actresses who were born in 1953

Here are 9 famous actresses from Russia were born in 1953:

Yelena Koreneva

Yelena Koreneva (October 3, 1953 Moscow-) also known as Yelena Alekseyevna Koreneva, Elena Koreneva, Yelena Alekseyevna Korenyova or Elena Alekseevna Koreneva is a Russian actor.

Larisa Luppian

Larisa Luppian (January 26, 1953 Tashkent-) also known as Larisa Reginaldovna Luppian is a Russian actor. Her children are called Sergei Boyarsky and Elizaveta Boyarskaya.

Tatyana Kravchenko

Tatyana Kravchenko (December 9, 1953 Donetsk-) also known as T. Kravchenko or Tatyana Eduardovna Kravchenko is a Russian actor. Her child is called Anna Kravchenko.

Anna Kamenkova

Anna Kamenkova (April 27, 1953 Moscow-) a.k.a. Anna Semyonovna Kamenkova, A. Kamenkova, Anna Kamenkova Pavlova, Anna Semyonovna Kamenkova-Pavlova or Anna Kamenkova-Pavlova is a Russian actor. Her child is called Sergey Anatolyevich Spivak.

Elena Proklova

Elena Proklova (September 2, 1953 Moscow-) a.k.a. Yelena Igorevna Proklova, Lena Proklova, Lena Proklowa, Elena Igorevna Proklova or Yelena Proklova is a Russian actor. She has two children, Arina Melick-Karamova and Polina Trishina.

Tatyana Yukina

Tatyana Yukina (October 23, 1953 Moscow-March 31, 2011 Moscow) also known as Tatyana Gennadievna Yukina, Tatiana Shkolnik, Tanya Yukina, Tatiana Y or Tatyana Gennadievna Zamolodchikova was a Russian actor. Her child is called Yuliya Zamolodchikova.

Olga Yukina

Olga Yukina (October 23, 1953 Moscow-January 29, 2005 Moscow) also known as Olga Gennadievna Yukina, Olya Yukina or Olga Gennadievna Lamonova was a Russian actor. Her child is called Maksim Lamonov.

Irina Ponarovskaya

Irina Ponarovskaya (March 12, 1953 Saint Petersburg-) also known as Понаровская, Ирина is a Russian singer and actor.

Ludmila Geroeva

Ludmila Geroeva (July 22, 1953 Saint Petersburg-) also known as Lyudmila Geroyeva is a Russian actor.

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