Russian movie stars died in 2003

Here are 1 famous actresses from Russian Empire died in 2003:

Marina Ladynina

Marina Ladynina (June 24, 1908 Smolensk-March 10, 2003 Moscow) otherwise known as Marina Alekseyevna Ladynina or M. Ladynina was a Russian actor. Her child is called Andrei Ladynin.

Marina Ladynina was considered as one of the most prominent Soviet film actresses of her time. She appeared in over 30 films during stalinist and post-stalinist times, including the famous films "Circus" (1936), "Volga-Volga" (1938), and "The Nightingale" (1959). Ladynina was awarded the Stalin Prize twice for her acting performances in "Circus" and "The Nightingale".

In addition to her success in filmmaking, Ladynina was also a trained singer and performed in various musical productions throughout Russia. She studied at the Leningrad Conservatory before getting interested in acting.

After retiring from acting, Marina Ladynina became a professor at the Russian Academy of Theater Arts where she taught acting students. She was also awarded the title of People's Artist of the USSR in 1951.

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