Russian musicians who were born in 1961

Here are 9 famous musicians from Russia were born in 1961:

Nikita Dzhigurda

Nikita Dzhigurda (March 27, 1961 Kiev-) also known as Nikita Borisovich Djigurda is a Russian actor and singer. He has two children, MicAngel Dzhigurda and Eva Vlada.

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Igor Butman

Igor Butman (October 27, 1961 Saint Petersburg-) also known as Butman, Igor is a Russian composer and bandleader.

His discography includes: Prophecy, , Jazz Suite / Little Symphony for Strings / Reflections / Adagio and Butman & Friends. Genres: Jazz and Classical music.

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Aleksey Maklakov

Aleksey Maklakov (January 6, 1961 Novosibirsk-) also known as Alexei Maklakov, Aleksei Konstantinovich Maklakov, Алексей Маклаков or Maklakov Alexey is a Russian actor. He has four children, Ilya Belokobylsky, Irina Maklakova, Nicole Maklakova and Sofya Maklakova.

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Mikhail Pavlovich Shishkin

Mikhail Pavlovich Shishkin (January 18, 1961 Moscow-) a.k.a. Михаил Александрович Шишкин, Mikhail Shishkin or Shishkin, Mikhail Alexandrovich is a Russian , .

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Marina Kapuro

Marina Kapuro (October 15, 1961-) is a Russian singer.

Her most well known albums: and . Genres she performed: Pop rock, Musical theatre and Folk rock.

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Maxim Fedotov

Maxim Fedotov (July 24, 1961-) is a Russian , .

His albums include Cello Concerto / Concerto-Rhapsody, Trio `To the Memory of a Great Artist' and Scottish Fantasy / Serenade.

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Alexander Tsekalo

Alexander Tsekalo (March 22, 1961 Kiev-) also known as Aleksandr Tsekalo, Alexander Yevgenyevich Tsekalo, Alexandr Tsekalo, Aleksandr Evgenevich Tsekalo or Alex Tsekalo is a Russian musician, actor, television producer, tv personality and film producer. He has three children, Eva Tsekalo, Aleksandra Tsekalo and Mikhail Tsekalo.

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Vyacheslav Butusov

Vyacheslav Butusov (October 15, 1961 Krasnoyarsk Krai-) also known as Butusov Jupiter, Áóòóñîâ ÞÏèòåð, Butusov, Vyacheslav, Slava Butusov or Vyacheslav Gennadiyevich Butusov is a Russian singer, composer, writer, guitarist and poet. He has four children, Anna Butusova, Kseniya Butusova, Sofia Butusova and Daniil Butusov.

His albums: , , , Избраное, , , Элизобарра-торр, and Настасья. Genres he performed: Gothic rock, Alternative rock, Post-punk, New Wave and Rock music.

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Irina Rozanova

Irina Rozanova (July 22, 1961 Penza-) also known as Irina Yuryevna Rozanova, I. Rozanova or Розанова, Ирина is a Russian actor.

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