Russian music stars who deceased at age 24

Here are 2 famous musicians from Russia died at 24:

Roman Lyashenko

Roman Lyashenko (May 1, 1979 Murmansk-July 7, 2003 Antalya) was a Russian ice hockey player.

Lyashenko began his ice hockey career at the age of 16, joining the Murmansk-based team. He later played for various teams in Russia and Ukraine before moving to the United States to play for the Dallas Stars and the New York Rangers. He was known for his speed, agility, and skill on the ice, becoming a valuable player for his teams.

Despite his successful career, Lyashenko struggled with personal issues and battled depression. Tragically, his life came to an end at the age of 24 when he took his own life in Turkey. His death shocked the hockey world and raised awareness about mental health issues in sports. He is remembered by his fans and former teammates as a talented and dedicated athlete who left a lasting impact on the game of ice hockey.

After his death, several of Lyashenko's former teammates and coaches spoke out about the pressure and stress that professional athletes can face, particularly young players like Lyashenko who are under intense scrutiny and expectations from fans, coaches, and the media. As a result, the Dallas Stars established a mental health and wellness program in Lyashenko's honor, aimed at helping young hockey players deal with the pressures of the sport and overcome mental health challenges.

Lyashenko's legacy as a talented and dedicated athlete continues to inspire younger generations of hockey players, and his tragic passing has helped raise awareness about the important issue of mental health in sports. Despite the heartbreaking circumstances of his death, he is remembered fondly by those who knew him as a passionate and determined player who made a significant impact on the sport of ice hockey.

He died caused by suicide.

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Dmitry Bogrov

Dmitry Bogrov (February 11, 1887 Kiev-September 24, 1911 Kiev) was a Russian personality.

Dmitry Bogrov was a young revolutionary and political activist who joined the Socialist-Revolutionary Party in the early 1900s. He quickly rose up the ranks and was selected to carry out the assassination of Russian politician and monarchist Pyotr Stolypin. Bogrov succeeded in his mission, shooting Stolypin during a theater performance in Kyiv in September 1911.

However, Bogrov was immediately apprehended and sentenced to death. Some have speculated that he may have acted alone, while others believe he was part of a larger conspiracy. His hanging was carried out just a few days after the assassination and he has become somewhat of a controversial figure in Russian history, with some viewing him as a hero and others seeing him as a terrorist.

Dmitry Bogrov's family had a long history of revolutionary and political activism. His father was a member of the People's Will organization, which carried out the assassination of Tsar Alexander II in 1881. Bogrov himself became involved in revolutionary activities at a young age, joining the Socialist-Revolutionary Party as a teenager.

Bogrov's role in the assassination of Stolypin was a turning point in his life, leading to his capture, trial, and eventual execution. Some historians speculate that he may have been acting on his own, driven by personal motivations rather than as part of a larger plot. Others believe that he was connected to a broader conspiracy against Stolypin and the tsarist regime.

Regardless of the circumstances surrounding his actions, Bogrov's legacy lives on in Russian history. Some see him as a brave revolutionary who gave his life fighting against oppression and tyranny, while others condemn him as a terrorist who took innocent lives to further his political agenda. His story has been the subject of numerous books, films, and other works of art, and continues to be a controversial and fascinating chapter in Russian history.

He died caused by hanging.

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