Russian musicians died at 56

Here are 13 famous musicians from Russian Empire died at 56:

Kazimir Malevich

Kazimir Malevich (February 23, 1879 Kiev-May 15, 1935 Saint Petersburg) also known as Kazimir Severinovich Malevich was a Russian artist, painter and visual artist.

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Michael Andreas Barclay de Tolly

Michael Andreas Barclay de Tolly (December 27, 1761 Pakruojis District Municipality-May 26, 1818 Chernyakhovsk) was a Russian nobleman and military officer.

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Aleksandr Stoletov

Aleksandr Stoletov (August 10, 1839 Vladimir-May 27, 1896 Moscow) was a Russian physicist.

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Sergiu Niță

Sergiu Niță (April 5, 1883 Peresecina-March 3, 1940 Bucharest) was a Russian lawyer.

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Andrey Yakovlevich Dashkov

Andrey Yakovlevich Dashkov (April 5, 1775 Saint Petersburg-June 21, 1831) was a Russian personality.

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Yuri German

Yuri German (April 4, 1910 Riga-January 16, 1967 Saint Petersburg) also known as Yuri Pavlovich German, Yu. German, German or Georgi German was a Russian screenwriter and writer. He had one child, Alexei Guerman.

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Wilgelm Vitgeft

Wilgelm Vitgeft (October 14, 1847 Odessa-August 10, 1904 Yellow Sea) was a Russian personality.

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Vladimir Maksimov

Vladimir Maksimov (July 27, 1880 Moscow-March 22, 1937 Saint Petersburg) otherwise known as Vladimir Vasilievich Maksimov, V. Maksimov, V. Maqsimovi or V. Maximov was a Russian actor and teacher.

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Shaken Ajmanov

Shaken Ajmanov (February 15, 1914 Bayanaul District-December 23, 1970 Moscow) was a Russian film director and actor.

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Samuel Hoffenstein

Samuel Hoffenstein (October 8, 1890 Russian Empire-October 6, 1947 Los Angeles) also known as Sam Hoffenstein, Sam, Samuel "Sam" Hoffenstein or Samuel Goodman Hoffenstein was a Russian screenwriter, writer, composer, film score composer, author and critic.

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Yuri Samarin

Yuri Samarin (May 3, 1819 Saint Petersburg-March 31, 1876 Berlin) a.k.a. I͡U. Ḟ. Samarin was a Russian personality.

He died caused by sepsis.

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Alexandre Volkoff

Alexandre Volkoff (December 27, 1885 Moscow-May 22, 1942 Rome) also known as Aleksandr Volkov or Alexander Wolkoff was a Russian personality.

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Ivan Khudoleyev

Ivan Khudoleyev (September 24, 1875 Moscow-May 19, 1932 Soviet Union) a.k.a. I. Khudoleyev was a Russian actor.

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