Russian musicians died at 71

Here are 16 famous musicians from Russian Empire died at 71:

Fricis Laumanis

Fricis Laumanis (June 13, 1910 Liepāja-December 6, 1981 New Jersey) was a Russian personality.

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Gregory Skovoroda

Gregory Skovoroda (December 3, 1722 Chornukhy-November 9, 1794 Zolochiv Raion, Kharkiv Oblast) also known as Grigory Savvich Skovoroda was a Russian writer, philosopher, composer and teacher.

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Roman Karmen

Roman Karmen (November 16, 1906 Odessa-April 28, 1978 Moscow) a.k.a. Roman Lazarevich Karmen or R. Karmen was a Russian film director, cinematographer and screenwriter.

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Natalia Brasova, Countess Brasova

Natalia Brasova, Countess Brasova (June 27, 1880 Moscow-January 23, 1952 Paris) also known as Natalia Brasova, Natalia Brassova, Natalia, Princess Brassova, Natalia Brassova, Countess Brassova, Natalia, Princess Brasova, Княгиня Наталья Брасова, Natalia Sergeyevna Sheremetyevskaya, Наталья Сергеевна Шереметевская, Natasha or Natalia Sergeyevna Mamontova was a Russian personality. Her children are called George Mikhailovich, Count Brasov and Nathalie Mamontov.

She died caused by cancer.

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Boris Babochkin

Boris Babochkin (January 18, 1904 Saratov-July 17, 1975 Saint Petersburg) also known as Boris Andreyevich Babochkin was a Russian film director and actor. He had two children, Tatiana Babochkina and Natalia Babochkina.

He died as a result of heart attack.

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Helena Makowska

Helena Makowska (March 2, 1893 Kryvyi Rih-August 22, 1964 Rome) also known as Elena Makowska, Helena Woynowiczówna or Helena Woyniewicz was a Russian actor.

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Ivan Pravov

Ivan Pravov (November 4, 1899 Voronezh-May 11, 1971 Moscow) also known as Ivan Konstantinovich Pravov was a Russian screenwriter and film director.

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Jacob Pavlovich Adler

Jacob Pavlovich Adler (February 12, 1855 Odessa-April 1, 1926 New York City) otherwise known as Jacob P. Adler, Yankev P. Adler, the Great Eagle, Yankele Kulachnik, Jake the Fist, nesher hagodl, Jacob Pavlovitch Adler or Jacob Adler was a Russian actor and theatrical producer. His children are called Jay Adler, Charles Adler, Luther Adler, Stella Adler, Julia Adler, Frances Adler, Abram Adler, Florence Adler, Celia Adler and Rivkah Adler.

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Alexander Nikolaevich Volkov

Alexander Nikolaevich Volkov (August 31, 1886 Fergana-December 17, 1957 Tashkent) was a Russian personality.

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Pavlo Skoropadskyi

Pavlo Skoropadskyi (May 15, 1873 Wiesbaden-April 26, 1945 Metten Abbey) a.k.a. Pavlo Petrovych Skoropadskyi was a Russian politician and military leader. His children are called Danylo Skoropadskyi, Maria Skoropadska, Petro Skoropadskyi, Yelyzaveta Skoropadska, Pavlo Skoropadskyi and Olena Skoropadska.

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Alexander Khvylya

Alexander Khvylya (July 15, 1905 Kostiantynivka Raion-October 17, 1976 Moscow) also known as Aleksandr Khvylya, A. Khvyla, A.Khvylya, A. Khvylya, Aleksandr Leopoldovich Khvylya, Alexander Leopoldovich Khvylya, Oleksandr Leopoldovich Khvylya or Alexander Leopoldovich Bressem was a Russian actor.

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Arkadi Filippenko

Arkadi Filippenko (January 8, 1912 Kiev-August 24, 1983 Kiev) also known as A. Filippenko, Arkadi Dmitriyevich Filippenko or Arkady Filippenko was a Russian composer and film score composer.

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Joseph Knebel

Joseph Knebel (September 21, 1854 Buchach-August 14, 1926 Moscow) also known as Joseph Nikolaevich Knebel was a Russian publisher. His child is .

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Vincas Krėvė-Mickevičius

Vincas Krėvė-Mickevičius (October 19, 1882 Subartonys-July 7, 1954 Marple Township) also known as Vincas Kreve-Mickevicius, Vincas Mickevičius or Krėvė was a Russian writer, politician and playwright. He had one child, Ona Aldona Krėvaitė-Mošinskienė.

He died in myocardial infarction.

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Henry P. Melnikow

Henry P. Melnikow (April 5, 1892 Kiev-May 15, 1963) was a Russian teacher and lawyer.

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Sergei Trufanov

Sergei Trufanov (October 19, 1880 Konstantinovsky District, Rostov Oblast-January 28, 1952 New York City) also known as Illiodor or Sergei Mikhailovich Trufanov was a Russian author and monk.

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