Russian music stars deceased in Pulmonary embolism

Here are 1 famous musicians from Russia died in Pulmonary embolism:

Edgar Froese

Edgar Froese (June 6, 1944 Sovetsk-January 20, 2015 Vienna) also known as Edgar W. Froese, Froese, Edgar, Edgar Wilmar Froese or Edgar Fröse was a Russian musician, songwriter, guitarist and keyboard player. His child is Jerome Froese.

His albums include Aqua, Epsilon in Malaysian Pale, Beyond the Storm, Dalinetopia, Ages, Ambient Highway, Volume 1, Ambient Highway, Volume 2, Ambient Highway, Volume 3, Ambient Highway, Volume 4 and Electronic Dreams. Genres he performed: Electronic music.

Edgar Froese was best known as the founder and main force behind the influential German electronic band Tangerine Dream. He formed the band in 1967 and remained with them until his death in 2015. With Tangerine Dream, Froese released over 100 albums and collaborated with many of the biggest names in electronic music. Beyond his work with Tangerine Dream, Froese also released several solo albums, including the critically acclaimed "Aqua". In addition to his musical career, Froese was also an accomplished artist and designed many of Tangerine Dream's iconic album covers. He was widely regarded as a pioneer of electronic music and his impact can still be felt in the genre today.

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