Serbian movie actresses died when they were 79

Here are 1 famous actresses from Serbia died at 79:

Ruzica Sokic

Ruzica Sokic (December 14, 1934 Belgrade-December 19, 2013 Belgrade) otherwise known as Ruza Soda, Ljubica Sokic or Ružica Sokić was a Serbian actor.

She died as a result of alzheimer's disease.

Ruzica Sokic was a highly respected and versatile actor who had a successful career in theatre, film, and television. She was best known for her work on stage, where she performed in over 100 theatre plays and collaborated with some of the most prominent directors in Serbia. Sokic started her acting career in the mid-1950s and quickly established herself as one of the most prominent actresses of her generation.

Outside of her acting work, Sokic was also an active member of the Yugoslav Drama Theatre and a mentor to many young actors. In addition, she was also an accomplished writer, having published several books of poetry and prose in the later years of her life.

Despite her long and illustrious career, Sokic's most enduring legacy is her work as an actor, and her powerful and honest performances continue to inspire generations of Serbian actors today.

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