Singaporean movie stars died in 2008

Here are 1 famous actors from Singapore died in 2008:

Jimmy Nah

Jimmy Nah (April 13, 1968 Singapore-January 4, 2008 Singapore) a.k.a. Qingxi Lan, M.C. King, Nah Khim See, MC Nah Khim See or MC King was a Singaporean actor and comedian.

He began his career as a comedian and was known for his witty sense of humor, often incorporating social commentary and political satire into his acts. Nah later transitioned into acting, starring in several well-known Singaporean television dramas and films.

Nah was also a talented musician, having released several albums throughout his career which showcased his skills as a rapper and songwriter. He was considered a pioneer in the local hip-hop scene and his music often addressed societal issues, making him a beloved figure among many Singaporeans.

Sadly, Nah passed away in 2008 at the age of 39 after suffering a heart attack. His legacy lives on through his work in comedy and entertainment, as well as his contributions to the development of hip-hop culture in Singapore.

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