Singaporean musicians died at 51

Here are 3 famous musicians from Singapore died at 51:

Chong Ah Fatt

Chong Ah Fatt (January 17, 1936-July 11, 1987) was a Singaporean personality.

He was a well-known comedian, actor, and TV host in Singapore during the 70s and 80s. Chong Ah Fatt started his career in the entertainment industry at a young age of 18, performing in various Chinese stage productions. He made his mark in the industry with his natural flair for comedy, and his most notable performances include his portrayal of "Ah Hua" in the popular TV sitcom "Phua Chu Kang," and his role as "Komodo Dragon" in the movie "The Private Eyes." Chong Ah Fatt's talent and contributions to the local entertainment scene in Singapore have left a lasting impact and he is remembered fondly by many.

In addition to his work as a comedian and actor, Chong Ah Fatt was also a successful TV host. He hosted various shows, including the popular game show "The Pyramid Game" and the variety show "Glamour Night Show." Chong Ah Fatt's talent was not limited to the entertainment industry, as he was also a skilled chef and owned a successful restaurant in Singapore. Despite his success, Chong Ah Fatt remained humble and approachable, making him a beloved figure in the community. He passed away in 1987 at the age of 51, leaving behind a legacy that will not be forgotten. To honor his contributions to the entertainment industry, the annual Chong Ah Fatt Comedy Awards was established in 1993 to recognize outstanding comedians in Singapore.

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John Cheng

John Cheng (April 5, 1961 Singapore-January 22, 2013 Singapore) also known as 鍾耀南, 钟耀南, John Cheng You Nam, zhōng yào nán, 阿南, Ah Nam, Zhong Yaonan, John Cheng Yeow Nam, Cheng Yeow Nam, Ah Nan, Chung Yiu-Nam or Zhong Yao Nan was a Singaporean actor and singer.

Cheng started his career in the entertainment industry in the early 1980s as a singer, but later transitioned into acting. He appeared in numerous popular Singaporean dramas throughout the 1990s and early 2000s, including "Neighbourhood" and "Growing Up". Cheng also starred in several films, including "Three Inches of Heaven" and "The Blue Mansion".

Aside from acting, Cheng was also known for his philanthropic work. He was an active volunteer with the Movement for the Intellectually Disabled of Singapore (MINDS) and was involved in various charity concerts to raise funds for the organization.

Cheng's sudden passing in 2013 came as a shock to many, and he was mourned by fans and colleagues alike. He was remembered for his talent as an actor and his dedication to helping others.

Cheng was born and raised in Singapore, and was one of six children in his family. His parents were both immigrants from China who came to Singapore in search of better opportunities. Cheng attended the prestigious St. Joseph's Institution in Singapore before pursuing a career in entertainment. Throughout his career, Cheng was widely recognized as one of the most talented actors and singers in Singapore.

In addition to his work with MINDS, Cheng was also involved in other charitable organizations over the years, including the Singapore Cancer Society and the Singapore Red Cross Society. He was known for his generosity and his willingness to give back to his community.

Cheng was married twice during his lifetime and had three children. His second marriage was to fellow actress Huang Wenyong, who also passed away several years later. Cheng's passing was a great loss to the Singaporean entertainment industry and to the many fans who had grown to love him over the years. Today, he is remembered as a beloved and talented performer who made a significant impact on the arts and charity scenes in Singapore.

He died caused by myocardial infarction.

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Seow Sieu Jin

Seow Sieu Jin (January 23, 1907-July 13, 1958) was a Singaporean personality.

He was a prominent businessman, philanthropist, and community leader in Singapore during the mid-1900s. Seow Sieu Jin was widely known for his contributions to education and healthcare in Singapore. He founded several schools and clinics, and was awarded the Order of the British Empire by the British government in recognition of his services to education.

Seow Sieu Jin was also actively involved in political and social issues. He was a member of the Legislative Council in 1948 and served in several other committees and organizations, including the Singapore Chinese Chamber of Commerce and the Singapore Chinese Girls' School. Additionally, he was a strong advocate for equal rights for women and was instrumental in establishing the first girl's school in Singapore with a curriculum that was on par with boys' schools.

Outside of his professional and charitable endeavors, Seow Sieu Jin was an avid sportsman and a patron of the arts. He founded the Seow Sieu Jin Sports Foundation in 1951, which aimed to promote sportsmanship and athleticism among Singaporean youths. Overall, Seow Sieu Jin was a respected and beloved figure in Singaporean society and his legacy continues to inspire Singaporeans today.

Seow Sieu Jin was born in Singapore to a wealthy family of Hokkien Chinese descent. His father, Seow Poh Leng, was a successful businessman and philanthropist, who instilled in Seow Sieu Jin the values of hard work and giving back to the community. Seow Sieu Jin received his education in Singapore and then traveled to England where he studied at the University of Cambridge, graduating with a degree in economics.

After completing his education, Seow Sieu Jin returned to Singapore, where he took over the family business and expanded it into a successful enterprise, dealing in commodities such as rubber and tin. He also became involved in various social causes, supporting education, healthcare, and sportsmanship in Singaporean society.

Seow Sieu Jin's influence extended beyond Singapore. In the 1950s, he was appointed as a delegate to the United Nations, where he addressed issues related to social and economic development in Southeast Asia. He was also a member of the World Health Organization and worked to improve healthcare standards in developing countries.

Seow Sieu Jin passed away in 1958 at the age of 51, but his legacy lives on. The Seow Sieu Jin Memorial Hall was established in his honor, and numerous scholarships and awards have been named after him. Today, Seow Sieu Jin is remembered as a dedicated and visionary leader who made significant contributions to Singaporean society.

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