Slovak actresses died in 1953

Here are 1 famous actresses from Slovakia died in 1953:

Margarete Slezak

Margarete Slezak (January 9, 1901 Bratislava-August 30, 1953 Rottach-Egern) otherwise known as Margarete Winter-Slezak or Gretl Slezak was a Slovak actor and singer.

She was born into an artistic family, as her mother was a singer and her father was an actor. Slezak started her acting career in Vienna, where she gained recognition for her powerful and expressive voice. She starred in numerous operettas, musicals, and films throughout her career.

Slezak's breakthrough came in 1924 when she starred in the operetta "The Dubarry" by Carl Millöcker. This role propelled her to stardom and made her a popular choice for leading roles in operettas. She also branched out into film, starring in several German and Austrian productions.

During World War II, Slezak's career suffered due to her marriage to a Jewish man. She was forced to take a break from acting and fled to Switzerland with her husband. After the war, she returned to the stage and screen, but her career never fully regained its pre-war success.

Slezak passed away in 1953 at the age of 52 due to complications from cancer. Despite her relatively short career, she remains a beloved figure in Austrian and Slovakian entertainment history.

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