South African movie actresses died in the year 1997

Here are 1 famous actresses from South Africa died in 1997:

Kathy Keeton

Kathy Keeton (February 17, 1939 South Africa-September 19, 1997 New York City) a.k.a. Katherine Keeton or Kathryn "Kathy" Keeton was a South African publisher, actor and entrepreneur.

She was a co-founder of the adult magazine Penthouse, alongside her husband Bob Guccione. Keeton played a significant role in the magazine's success, having been responsible for creating the "Pet of the Year" feature, which helped to significantly boost sales.

Keeton also worked as a model and actress, appearing in several films and TV shows in the 60s and 70s under the name Kathy King. She later became a successful businesswoman in her own right, serving as CEO of Viva magazine and establishing her own media and communications company, Longevity Media.

Keeton was diagnosed with breast cancer in the 80s and became an advocate for cancer research and treatment. She passed away in 1997 at the age of 58.

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