South African music stars died in Murder

Here are 4 famous musicians from South Africa died in Murder:

Eugène Terre'Blanche

Eugène Terre'Blanche (January 31, 1941 Ventersdorp-April 3, 2010 Ventersdorp) also known as Eugene Terre'Blanche was a South African politician.

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Deon van der Walt

Deon van der Walt (July 28, 1958 Cape Town-November 29, 2005) was a South African , .

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Lucky Dube

Lucky Dube (August 3, 1964 Ermelo-October 18, 2007 Rosettenville) otherwise known as Dube, Lucky was a South African singer, musician, artist and music artist.

His albums: Lucky Dube Live In Uganda (The King of African Reggae), Trinity, House Of Exile, Prisoner, Serious Reggae Business, Slave, Taxman, Victims, Africa's Reggae King and Rastas Never Dies / Think About the Children. His related genres: Reggae and Mbaqanga.

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Taliep Petersen

Taliep Petersen (April 15, 1950 District Six-December 16, 2006) was a South African singer and musician.

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