South Korean movie actors born in the year 1975

Here are 6 famous actors from South Korea were born in 1975:

Jeong Jae-heon

Jeong Jae-heon (April 18, 1975 South Korea-) a.k.a. Jae-heon Jeong is a South Korean voice actor and actor.

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Lee Sun-kyun

Lee Sun-kyun (March 2, 1975 Seoul-) a.k.a. Lee Seon Gyoon, Seon-gyoon Lee, Lee Seon Gyun, Lee Sun Kyun, Lee Seon Kyun, Seon-gyun Lee, Lee Seon-gyoon, Lee Sun-kyun, Sunkun Lee, Lee Sunkyun, I Seon-gyun, I Son-kyun, Lee Seon-gyun, Lee Sun-gyun, Lee Sun Gyun or I Sŏn-kyun is a South Korean actor. He has two children, Lee Rook and Lee Roon.

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Oh Man-seok

Oh Man-seok (January 30, 1975 South Korea-) a.k.a. Man-seok Oh, O Mansŏk, O Man-seok, Oh, Man-Seok or OH Man-suk is a South Korean actor and theatre director. He has one child, Oh Young-joo.

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James Kyson

James Kyson (December 13, 1975 Seoul-) also known as James Lee, Ky, Kyson, Yi Chaehyŏk, JKL, I Jae-Hyeok, Jae Hyuk, Lee Jae Hyeok, James Kyson-Lee, Lee Jae Hyuk or James Kyson Lee is a South Korean actor and voice actor.

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Yang Ik-Joon

Yang Ik-Joon (October 19, 1975 Seoul-) a.k.a. Ik-Joon Yang, Ik-june Yang, Yangikjun, Yang Ik-June, Yang Ik-jun, Yang Ik-chun, Ikjune Yang, Ik-jun Yang, Yang Ik Joon or Yang Ikjune is a South Korean actor, film director, film editor and screenwriter.

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Jun-seong Kim

Jun-seong Kim (October 4, 1975 Hong Kong-) a.k.a. Jun Sung Kim, Brian Kim, Jun Kim, Kim Joon-seong, Kim Jun-seong, Kim, Jun-sung or Kim Joon-Sung is a South Korean actor.

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