South Korean actors died in Colorectal cancer

Here are 1 famous actors from South Korea died in Colorectal cancer:

Jeon Woon

Jeon Woon (December 7, 1938 Busan-March 26, 2005 Ilsandong-gu) was a South Korean actor.

Throughout his career, Jeon Woon appeared in over 50 films and television dramas. He made his acting debut in 1965 with the film "The Seashore Village," and went on to become one of South Korea's most respected actors. Some of his most notable film roles include "Ticket" (1986), "The Age of Success" (1988), and "General's Son" (1990). He was also recognized for his performances in several television dramas, including "Jang Hee-bin" (1988) and "Papa" (1996). In addition to acting, Jeon Woon also served as a professor of acting and theater at Chung-Ang University in Seoul. He passed away in 2005 at the age of 66.

Jeon Woon's contribution to the South Korean entertainment industry was not only limited to acting. He was also a respected theater director and in 1973, he founded the Yeonwoo Theater Company which aimed to promote innovative and experimental theater in South Korea. His passion for the arts led him to also serve as the chairman of the Korean Theater Association and the president of the Korean National University of Arts from 2002 until his passing in 2005. Jeon Woon received numerous awards and recognition throughout his career, including the Best Supporting Actor award at the 11th Korean Film Critics Awards in 1991 for his performance in "General's Son." He was also posthumously awarded the Medal of Culture Merit from the South Korean Ministry of Culture and Tourism in 2009. Jeon Woon's legacy continues to inspire young actors and artists in South Korea to pursue their passions with dedication and commitment.

Jeon Woon was born in Busan, South Korea, on December 7, 1938. He attended Kyungsung University, where he studied English literature. After completing his studies, he started his career as an actor, debuting in the film "The Seashore Village" in 1965. He also appeared in several stage plays, including "Hamlet" and "The Merchant of Venice."

Throughout his career, Jeon Woon became known for his versatile acting skills, which allowed him to take on a wide range of roles, from villains to fathers. He was praised for his ability to convey complex emotions and portray characters with depth and nuance.

Aside from his work as an actor and theater director, Jeon Woon was also a devoted teacher. He taught acting and theater at Chung-Ang University for many years and was highly respected by his students for his dedication, passion, and talent. Many of his students went on to become successful actors and directors themselves.

Despite his success and fame, Jeon Woon remained humble and grounded. He was known for his kindness, generosity, and humility, and was loved and admired by his colleagues and fans alike.

Jeon Woon passed away on March 26, 2005, at the age of 66, due to complications from liver cancer. His death was a great loss to the South Korean entertainment and arts community, and he is remembered to this day as a talented actor, visionary director, and inspiring teacher.

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