South Korean actresses died in Stomach cancer

Here are 2 famous actresses from South Korea died in Stomach cancer:

Yoo Chae-yeong

Yoo Chae-yeong (September 22, 1973 South Korea-July 24, 2014 Seoul) also known as U Che Young, Chae-yeong Yu, Yoo Chae-Young, Soo-jin Kim or Yu Chae-Yeong was a South Korean singer, actor and singer-songwriter.

She was a member of the popular South Korean girl group named M.I.L.K. which was active from 2001 to 2003. After the disbandment of the group, Yoo Chae-yeong pursued a career in acting, appearing in various TV dramas and films. She also released her own music, including the single "Innocent Steps" for the movie of the same name. Tragically, Yoo Chae-yeong passed away at the age of 40 due to a sudden heart attack in her apartment in Seoul. She is remembered for her talent and contributions to the Korean entertainment industry.

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Jang Jin-young

Jang Jin-young (June 14, 1972 Jeonju-September 1, 2009 Banpo-dong) a.k.a. Chang Jin-yeong, Jin-Young Jang, Jang Jin Young, Jang Jin-yeong, Chang Chin-yŏng, Jang Jinyoung or Jang Jin Yeong was a South Korean model and actor.

He made his acting debut in 1997 with the film "The Happenings". He went on to appear in numerous films and television dramas such as "Nowhere to Hide", "Singles", "Great Inheritance", and "All In". Jang was known for his good looks and charming personality, which helped him gain popularity not only in Korea but also in Japan and other countries. In 2000, he was named one of the "Top 10 most beautiful people" by People Magazine in Asia. Tragically, Jang passed away at the age of 37 due to stomach cancer.

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