South Korean musicians died when they were 68

Here are 3 famous musicians from South Korea died at 68:

Kim Tai-chung

Kim Tai-chung (February 12, 1943 South Korea-August 27, 2011 Seoul) also known as Tae-Jung Kim, Kim Tae-Jeong, Lung Tong, Tong Lung, Tae-jeong Kim, Kim Tai-jong, Kim Tai Chong, Kim Tai Jong, Tai Chung Kim, Gim Tae-jeong, Kim T'aejŏng or Kim, Tae-Jung was a South Korean martial artist, businessperson and actor.

He died as a result of internal bleeding.

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Cho Ki-jung

Cho Ki-jung (June 22, 1939-December 20, 2007) was a South Korean personality.

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Yi Chong-jun

Yi Chong-jun (August 9, 1939 Jangheung County-July 31, 2008 Seoul) otherwise known as Chong-jun Yi, Yi Ch'ong-chun, Yi Ch’ongjun, I Cheong-jun, Cheong-jun Lee, Chung-Joon Lee, Lee Cheong-joon, Chʻŏng-jun Yi or Lee Cheong-jun was a South Korean writer. He had one child, Lee Eun-ji.

He died as a result of lung cancer.

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