Spanish movie actors born in the year 1985

Here are 11 famous actors from Spain were born in 1985:

Guillermo Barrientos

Guillermo Barrientos (March 8, 1985 Madrid-) also known as Guillermo Barrientos López-Peña is a Spanish actor.

Marc Homs

Marc Homs (February 18, 1985 Barcelona-) a.k.a. Marc Homs Vallés is a Spanish actor.

Nacho Aldeguer

Nacho Aldeguer (September 10, 1985 Madrid-) a.k.a. Ignacio Aldeguer de Solís or Ignacio Aldeguer is a Spanish actor and voice actor.

Òscar Castellví

Òscar Castellví (August 30, 1985 Sabadell-) also known as Óscar Castellví Farrell or Òscar Castellví Farell is a Spanish actor.

Axier Raya

Axier Raya (July 11, 1985 Vitoria-Gasteiz-) also known as Asier Raya is a Spanish actor.

Martiño Rivas

Martiño Rivas (January 10, 1985 Vimianzo-) otherwise known as Martín Rivas, Martiño Rivas López, Martino Rivas or Martin Rivas is a Spanish actor.

Yu Shirota

Yu Shirota (December 26, 1985 Tokyo-) a.k.a. Shirota Yuu, Yû Shirota, Shirota Yû, Yu Shirota Fernández, U, Shiroro or Shirotan is a Spanish singer and actor.

Elio Toffana

Elio Toffana (October 31, 1985 Madrid-) a.k.a. Elio Sagües Ochoa is a Spanish actor and musician.

Egoitz Sánchez

Egoitz Sánchez (June 3, 1985 Donostia / San Sebastián-) is a Spanish actor.

Joan Carles Suau

Joan Carles Suau (January 24, 1985 Calella-) is a Spanish actor.

Manel Raga

Manel Raga (April 14, 1985 Ulldecona-) is a Spanish cinematographer, film editor, film director, screenwriter, film producer and actor.

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