Spanish movie actors died when they were 44

Here are 1 famous actors from Spain died at 44:

Nacho Martínez

Nacho Martínez (July 8, 1952 Mieres, Asturias-July 24, 1996 Oviedo) a.k.a. Ignacio Martínez Navia-Osorio or Nacho Martinez was a Spanish actor and voice actor.

He died as a result of lung cancer.

Nacho Martinez began his career in the entertainment industry as a stage actor, performing in various theater productions throughout Spain. He then ventured into films and television, appearing in popular Spanish movies such as "The Spirit of the Beehive" and "Matador".

Martinez was also recognized for his outstanding voice acting skills, lending his voice to numerous Spanish dubs of Hollywood films, including the voice of Jafar in the Spanish version of Disney's "Aladdin". He was awarded the Best Spanish Dubbing Actor Award at the 1992 Barcelona International Film Festival for his work in the film "Alien³".

Despite his success in the industry, Nacho Martinez was known for his humility and kindness towards his colleagues. His death in 1996 was a great loss to the Spanish entertainment industry, and he is remembered as one of the greatest actors and voice actors of his time in Spain.

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