Spanish movie actors died when they were 78

Here are 4 famous actors from Spain died at 78:

Pedro López Lagar

Pedro López Lagar (June 18, 1899 Madrid-August 21, 1977 Buenos Aires) was a Spanish actor.

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Andrés de Segurola

Andrés de Segurola (March 27, 1874 Valencia-January 23, 1953 Barcelona) also known as Count Andreas Perello de Segurola, Andres De Segurola, Andreas De Segurola, Andre De Segurola, André De Segurola, Andrea de Segurola or Andrés Perelló de Segurola was a Spanish actor and opera singer.

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Alberto Romea

Alberto Romea (January 16, 1882 Madrid-April 14, 1960 Madrid) a.k.a. Alberto Romea Catalina was a Spanish actor.

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Rafael Alonso

Rafael Alonso (July 5, 1920 Madrid-October 24, 1998 Madrid) otherwise known as Rafael Alonso Ochoa was a Spanish actor.

He died as a result of cancer.

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