Spanish movie actors died in the year 1960

Here are 1 famous actors from Spain died in 1960:

Alberto Romea

Alberto Romea (January 16, 1882 Madrid-April 14, 1960 Madrid) a.k.a. Alberto Romea Catalina was a Spanish actor.

Romea was renowned for his roles in Spanish theater during the first half of the twentieth century. He began his career on stage before moving onto the big screen, starring in several notable films including "La Dolorosa" (1915), "Nobleza Baturra" (1935) and "Viridiana" (1961). Romea was a skilled character actor who was admired for his ability to portray complex and multifaceted characters with nuance and depth. He played a variety of roles throughout his career, including kings, noblemen, and peasants. Romea was also a director and acted in several films that he himself directed such as "Contrabando" (1945) and "El Gran Calavera" (1949). In recognition of his contributions to Spanish culture and the arts, Romea was awarded the Gold Medal for Fine Arts.

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