Spanish movie actors died in the year 1981

Here are 3 famous actors from Spain died in 1981:

José Suárez

José Suárez (September 19, 1919 Asturias-August 6, 1981 Moreda, Aller) also known as José Suárez Sánchez, Jose Suarez, José Suarez or José Lisardo Suárez Sánchez was a Spanish actor. He had one child, María Eugenia Suárez.

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Martin Garralaga

Martin Garralaga (November 10, 1894 Barcelona-June 12, 1981 Woodland Hills) otherwise known as Norman Garralaag, Martin Garalaga or Martin Garralga was a Spanish actor.

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José Baviera

José Baviera (August 17, 1906 Valencia-August 13, 1981 Mexico City) otherwise known as José Luis Baviera Navarro was a Spanish actor, soldier, film director, screenwriter and physician.

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