Spanish movie actors died in the year 1990

Here are 5 famous actors from Spain died in 1990:

Fernando Sancho

Fernando Sancho (January 7, 1916 Zaragoza-July 31, 1990 Madrid) also known as Fernand Sancho, Ferdinand Sancho or Fernando Sanchez was a Spanish actor and voice actor. He had one child, Fernando Sancho.

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Tomás Blanco

Tomás Blanco (November 10, 1910 Bilbao-July 16, 1990 Madrid) a.k.a. Tomas Blanco Garcia, Thomas White, Tomás Blanco García, Tomas Blanco or Thomas Blank was a Spanish actor.

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Félix Dafauce

Félix Dafauce (November 13, 1896 Madrid-October 5, 1990 Madrid) a.k.a. Félix Dafauce Tarancón, Felix Dauface or Felix Dafauce was a Spanish actor.

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Xavier Cugat

Xavier Cugat (January 1, 1900 Girona-October 27, 1990 Barcelona) also known as Xaviar Cugat, Francesc d'Asís Xavier Cugat Mingall de Bru i Deulofeu, Cugat, Xavier, The Rumba King, Cugie, Xavier Cugat and Charo, X. Cugat and His Gigolos, Francisco de Asís Javier Cugat Mingall de Bru y Deulofeu or Francis Cugat was a Spanish film score composer, actor, film director, screenwriter, singer, songwriter, bandleader, violinist, music arranger and cartoonist.

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Antolín García

Antolín García (April 5, 1928 Barcelona-August 23, 1990 Madrid) a.k.a. Antolín García Rodríguez was a Spanish actor, voice actor and presenter.

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