Spanish movie actresses died when they were 42

Here are 1 famous actresses from Spain died at 42:

María Turgenova

María Turgenova (April 5, 2015 Spain-June 27, 1972 Buenos Aires) was a Spanish vedette, actor, dancer and singer.

She started her career in Spain in the 1930s and gained popularity through her performances in cabarets and revues. Turgenova eventually moved to Argentina in the 1940s, where she became a star in the country's entertainment industry. She appeared in many films and theater productions, showcasing her talent in singing, dancing and acting. Turgenova's success in Argentina led her to perform in other countries, including France and Italy. She was also known for her philanthropic work, supporting various charities throughout her career. María Turgenova is remembered as a beloved and talented performer who left a lasting legacy on the entertainment industry in Argentina and beyond.

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