Spanish musicians born in the year 1973

Here are 5 famous musicians from Spain were born in 1973:


Tontxu (August 17, 1973 Bilbao-) also known as Tonxu is a Spanish singer.

His discography includes: Básico, Con un Canto En Los Dientes, Contacto con la Realidad, Corazón de Mudanza, Se Vende, and .

Tontxu began his music career in the 1990s performing in bars and small venues. In 1996, he released his debut album "Con un Canto en los Dientes" which received critical acclaim and established him as a prominent figure in the Spanish music scene. He went on to release several successful albums over the years and collaborated with other popular artists such as Ana Belén and Miguel Ríos.

Aside from his music career, Tontxu is also known for his humanitarian work. He has been a strong advocate for the rights of refugees and has worked with organizations such as Amnesty International and Doctors Without Borders. Tontxu has also spoken out about mental health issues and has used his platform to promote awareness and understanding of mental illness.

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Julio Iglesias, Jr.

Julio Iglesias, Jr. (February 25, 1973 Madrid-) also known as Julio Jose Iglesias, Julio Iglesias Jr., Iglesias, Julio, Jr., Julio José Iglesias Preysler Jr., Julio José Iglesias Preysler, Julio or Julio José Iglesias is a Spanish singer and model.

His albums: Under My Eyes, One More Chance, One More Chance and . Genres: Pop music.

In addition to his music career, Julio Iglesias Jr. has also worked as a model, appearing in campaigns for prestigious brands such as Tommy Hilfiger, Versace, and GQ. He has starred in several Spanish TV series and even competed in the reality show "Supervivientes," a version of the popular reality show "Survivor."

Julio Iglesias Jr. is the son of famous Spanish singer Julio Iglesias and Filipino socialite Isabel Preysler. He grew up in Madrid and began his music career in the 1990s. His debut album, "Under My Eyes," was released in 1999 and he has since released several more albums.

Apart from his career in the entertainment industry, Julio Iglesias Jr. is also involved in philanthropy. He supports various charitable organizations, such as the Starkey Hearing Foundation and the Global Gift Foundation.

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Josep Caballé Domenech

Josep Caballé Domenech (February 19, 1973 Barcelona-) is a Spanish conductor.

His albums: BBC Music, Volume 13, Number 11: Rodrigo, de Falla, Gerhard & Granados (feat. guitar: Eduardo Fernández, conductors: Adrian Leaper and Josep Caballé-Domenech).

Caballé Domenech began his musical studies at a young age and quickly demonstrated a natural aptitude for conducting. He honed his skills at various prestigious institutions, including the Vienna Music Academy and the Mozarteum University in Salzburg.

Caballé Domenech has conducted numerous orchestras around the world, including the London Philharmonic Orchestra, the Tokyo Symphony Orchestra, and the Sydney Symphony Orchestra. He has also earned critical acclaim for his performances with various Spanish orchestras, particularly in his hometown of Barcelona.

In addition to his conducting work, Caballé Domenech is a passionate advocate for music education. He frequently conducts youth orchestras and participates in outreach programs to bring classical music to underserved communities.

Caballé Domenech has received numerous awards and accolades throughout his career, including the Golden Medal for Cultural Merit from the Government of Austria and the Narciso Yepes Award for Artistic Excellence. His recordings have been praised for their technical precision and emotional depth, and he continues to be a prominent figure in the classical music world.

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Carlos Jean

Carlos Jean (February 15, 1973 Ferrol-) also known as Jean Carlos, Jean Carlos Arriaga, Carlos Jean Arriaga or Mr Miracle is a Spanish record producer, film score composer, disc jockey and singer.

His albums: Back to the Earth, Planet Jean, Give Me the 70's, Mr. Miracle, Keep the Trance, Dancing, Mr. Dabada, Blackstar, Prisioners and . Genres he performed include Electronica and Indie pop.

Carlos Jean started his music career in the 1990s as a DJ, and his rise in popularity coincided with the growth of electronic music in Spain. He soon became one of the most prominent figures in the Spanish music scene, producing and composing music for some of the biggest names in the business.

His breakthrough album was "Mr. Miracle" released in 2011, which spawned the hit single "Lead the Way". He has also worked extensively as a film score composer, working on several Spanish films and TV series.

In addition to producing music, Carlos Jean has also been involved in various philanthropic projects throughout his career. In 2013, he launched the 'Planetary Music' project, which aims to raise awareness about climate change and other environmental issues through music. He has also served as an ambassador for the NGO 'Save the Children' and has collaborated with various charitable organizations.

Despite achieving considerable success in his career, Carlos Jean remains humble and dedicated to his craft. He continues to tour extensively and produce music for both established artists and new talents.

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Miguel Poveda

Miguel Poveda (February 13, 1973 Barcelona-) also known as Poveda, Miguel, Miguel Ángel Poveda León or Miguel Povenda is a Spanish singer.

Discography: Desglaç, Suena Flamenco, Coplas del querer, , Tierra De Calma, , , Qawwali Flamenco, and .

Several of Miguel Poveda's albums have won awards and critical acclaim, including "Desglaç" which won Best Flamenco Album at the 2004 Latin Grammy Awards. He has also been recognized for his contributions to music and culture, receiving honors such as the National Culture Award from the Catalan government in 2020. In addition to his successful music career, Poveda has also used his platform to advocate for social justice issues like LGBTQ+ rights and immigrant rights. He is highly respected in the flamenco community and has collaborated with many other prominent artists throughout his career.

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