Spanish musicians born in the year 1983

Here are 8 famous musicians from Spain were born in 1983:

Gala Évora

Gala Évora (February 8, 1983 Sanlúcar de Barrameda-) a.k.a. Papá Levante or Evora, Gala is a Spanish singer and actor.

Gala Évora began his musical career in 2001 with the release of his first album, "Te Voy a Enamorar". He gained popularity in 2003 with his hit single "Lola Lola", which topped the charts in Spain and Latin America. He has released several other successful albums since then, including "Pasaporte" and "El Miki".

In addition to his music career, Gala Évora has also appeared in several Spanish films, including "Luz de Domingo" and "Toc Toc". He has also made appearances on Spanish television shows such as "Fama ¡a bailar!" and "Tu cara me suena".

Gala Évora is known for his energetic performances and flamboyant style, which has earned him a dedicated fanbase in Spain and beyond. He continues to tour and release new music, with his most recent album, "Me Vale", released in 2019.

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Francisco Javier Álvarez Colinet

Francisco Javier Álvarez Colinet (April 30, 1983 Seville-) a.k.a. Javi is a Spanish singer.

Genres he performed: Pop music.

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Miguel Ángel Muñoz

Miguel Ángel Muñoz (July 4, 1983 Madrid-) a.k.a. Miguel Ángel Múñoz Blanco, M.A.M., UPA Dance, Miguel Angel Munoz or Muñoz, Miguel Ángel is a Spanish actor and singer.

Genres: Pop music.

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Alex Cartañá

Alex Cartañá (April 7, 1983-) also known as Alex Cartana is a Spanish singer, singer-songwriter and actor.

His albums: Hey Papi. Genres he performed include Pop music, Trip hop, World music, Soul music and Latin Language.

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Michael Hennet Sotomayor

Michael Hennet Sotomayor (January 20, 1983 Puerto de la Cruz-) a.k.a. Mikel is a Spanish singer.

Genres he performed: Pop music.

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Sak Noel

Sak Noel (April 12, 1983 La Cellera de Ter-) a.k.a. Isaac Mahmood Noell is a Spanish music video director, songwriter, music producer, disc jockey and record producer.

His discography includes: Loca People, Paso (The Nini Anthem) and Crazy People (CLEAN Version). Genres he performed: Techno, Dubstep, House music and Electro.

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Elisabeth Jordán

Elisabeth Jordán (August 26, 1983 Cartagena, Spain-) also known as Elisabeth Jordan is a Spanish musician.

She began her musical career by studying classical music and the piano at a young age. Eventually, she expanded her skills to include vocal training and guitar playing. In 2007, she released her debut album "Esta Soy Yo" which was a commercial and critical success in Spain. She went on to release multiple albums and singles over the years, collaborating with other popular Spanish musicians along the way. Jordán is also known for her humanitarian work and activism, frequently advocating for social justice causes such as animal rights and LGBTQ+ rights.

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Silvia Pérez Cruz

Silvia Pérez Cruz (February 15, 1983 Palafrugell-) a.k.a. Sílvia Pérez Cruz is a Spanish singer.

Her albums include , and Granada. Her related genres: Classical music, Flamenco and Jazz.

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