Swedish actors who deceased in 1955

Here are 2 famous actors from Sweden died in 1955:

Arthur Donaldson

Arthur Donaldson (April 5, 1869 Norsholm-September 28, 1955 Long Island) was a Swedish actor and film director.

He began his acting career in theater at a young age and gained notoriety for his performances in several productions in Stockholm. Donaldson also worked as a film director during the silent era and directed a number of critically acclaimed films. One of his most successful films was "Thomas Graal's Best Film," which was released in 1917. Despite his success, Donaldson’s career was cut short by the rise of sound in the film industry. He later emigrated to the United States where he lived out the remainder of his life.

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Arnold Sjöstrand

Arnold Sjöstrand (June 30, 1903 Sundbyberg Municipality-February 1, 1955 Malmö Municipality) was a Swedish actor and film director.

Arnold Sjöstrand started his acting career in the 1920s and starred in numerous Swedish films during the 1930s and 1940s. He was known for his versatile acting skills and his ability to bring depth and authenticity to his characters. In addition to acting, Sjöstrand also directed several films, including the 1945 drama "Resan bort" which was well-received by critics.

Sjöstrand was considered a leading name in Swedish cinema during his time and was awarded the prestigious Guldbagge Award in 1964, posthumously, for his outstanding contributions to the world of cinema. In addition to his work in film, Sjöstrand was also an accomplished stage actor and worked with several prominent theater companies throughout his career.

Despite his success, Sjöstrand struggled with alcoholism throughout his life and sadly passed away at the age of 51. His legacy as a talented actor and filmmaker lives on, however, and he is remembered as one of the greats in the history of Swedish cinema.

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