Swedish actors who deceased in 1977

Here are 5 famous actors from Sweden died in 1977:

Carl-Gunnar Wingård

Carl-Gunnar Wingård (February 27, 1894 Karlskrona-January 20, 1977 Bromma) otherwise known as Gunnar Wingård, Carl-Gunnar Vingård, Karl-Gunnar Wingård, Carl Gunnar Wingård or Carl-Gunnar Wingard was a Swedish actor. His child is called Kerstin Wingård.

Gunnar Wingård began his acting career in the early 1910s and became one of the most prominent actors in Sweden during the 1920s and 30s. He appeared in over 60 films throughout his career, often playing leading or supporting roles. In addition to his work in film, he was also a successful stage actor and director.

During World War II, Wingård continued to act in films but also became involved in the Swedish resistance movement against Nazi Germany. He used his celebrity status to smuggle messages and people across the Norwegian border and was eventually arrested by the Gestapo. He was sent to a concentration camp but was released in 1945 when the war ended.

After the war, Wingård continued to act in films and on stage until his retirement in the early 1970s. During his career, he won several awards for his work in the theatre and was also awarded the Litteris et Artibus medal by the Swedish government for his contributions to the arts.

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Gunnar Sjöberg

Gunnar Sjöberg (March 25, 1909 Stockholm-June 8, 1977 Gryt) was a Swedish actor.

He started out in the theater and then transitioned to film, becoming one of the most beloved actors of his time. Sjöberg appeared in over 50 films during his career and won critical acclaim for his performances in movies such as "Here's Your Life" and "Only a Mother". He was also awarded the prestigious Guldbagge Award for Best Supporting Actor in 1964 for his role in the film "The Markurells of Wadköping". In addition to his acting career, Sjöberg was also a talented musician and painter. He left an indelible mark on Swedish culture and is remembered as a true icon of Swedish cinema.

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Holger Löwenadler

Holger Löwenadler (April 1, 1904 Jönköping-June 18, 1977 Stockholm) also known as Holger Lowenadler was a Swedish actor.

Löwenadler began his career as a stage actor and performed at various theaters in Stockholm. In 1931, he made his screen debut in the Swedish film "At the Jewish Theatre". He went on to appear in a number of Swedish films throughout the 1930s and 1940s. In 1948, he starred alongside Ingrid Bergman in the Hollywood film "Arch of Triumph". He continued to act in both Swedish and international films throughout the 1950s and 1960s. Löwenadler was also a well-known voice-over artist and lent his voice to a number of Swedish translations of foreign films. He was awarded the Royal Medal of the Seraphim in 1968 for his services to Swedish theater and film.

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Folke Hjort

Folke Hjort (March 28, 1934 Stockholm-July 3, 1977 Lysekil) a.k.a. Folke Karl-Gustav Hjort was a Swedish actor.

He started his career in the late 1950s and went on to become a prominent actor in Swedish cinema and television. Some of his notable works include the films "Änglar, finns dom?", "Mannen i skogen" and "Kvinnan en älskade". He also appeared in several TV series including "Polisen och domarmordet" and "Mannen som inte kunde säga nej". Hjort was known for his versatile acting skills and often played complex and nuanced characters. Tragically, he passed away in 1977 at the age of 43 due to a heart attack. Despite his short career, he remains a well-respected figure in Swedish cinema and television.

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Morgan Anderson

Morgan Anderson (February 23, 1934 Lundby, Gothenburg-July 4, 1977 Stockholm) a.k.a. Sven Morgan Andersson or Morgan Andersson was a Swedish actor.

He began his career in the theater and later transitioned to television and film. Anderson appeared in over 30 films during his career, including "The Apple War" and "Vampire Ecstasy." He was also a popular television personality in Sweden, where he hosted several programs and appeared in numerous series. Anderson was known for his dramatic range and his ability to portray complex characters. His sudden death in 1977 at the age of 43 was a shock to the Swedish entertainment industry, and his legacy continues to inspire actors in Sweden today.

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