Swedish actors who deceased in 1980

Here are 2 famous actors from Sweden died in 1980:

Alf Sjöberg

Alf Sjöberg (June 21, 1903 Stockholm-April 17, 1980 Stockholm) otherwise known as Alf Sjoberg or Sven Erik Alf Sjöberg was a Swedish film director, screenwriter, actor and theatre director.

He is considered one of the pioneers of Swedish cinema and was associated with the Swedish film movement known as the "Golden Age" of Swedish cinema. Sjöberg began his career as a stage director, working with the Royal Dramatic Theatre in Stockholm, before transitioning to film in the 1940s. He is best known for his film version of the August Strindberg play "Miss Julie" (1951), which won the Palme d'Or at the Cannes Film Festival. Sjöberg also directed other notable films such as "The Devil's Eye" (1960) and "Karin Månsdotter" (1954). In addition to his work in film, Sjöberg was also a prominent figure in Swedish theatre and television, and served as artistic director of the Gothenburg City Theatre from 1960 to 1963.

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Gösta Cederlund

Gösta Cederlund (March 6, 1888 Stockholm-December 4, 1980 Stockholm) also known as Gustaf Edvard Cederlund, Gösta or Gustaf ("Gösta") Edvard Cederlund was a Swedish film director and actor.

He began his career as an actor in silent films before transitioning into directing in the 1920s. Cederlund went on to direct over a dozen films, including the comedy "En egen mästare" (1936) and the drama "För hennes skull" (1938). He was known for his use of atmospheric lighting and camera angles to create tension and suspense in his films. In addition to his work in film, Cederlund was also a songwriter and poet. His most famous poem is "Alfabetet," which was set to music and became a popular song in Sweden. Despite his success in the film industry, Cederlund is perhaps best remembered for his contributions to Swedish culture through his poetry and music.

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