Swedish actresses who were born in 1910

Here are 6 famous actresses from Sweden were born in 1910:

Eva-Lisa Lennartsson

Eva-Lisa Lennartsson (April 6, 1910 Stockholm-January 23, 1999 Stockholm) was a Swedish actor and film producer. She had one child, Per Myrberg.

Gudrun Brost

Gudrun Brost (April 6, 1910 Malmö Municipality-June 28, 1993 Stockholm) also known as Gudrun Lisa Johanna or Gudrun Lisa Johanna Brost was a Swedish actor. Her child is called Johannes Brost.

Marie-Louise Mannervall

Marie-Louise Mannervall (December 23, 1910 Stockholm-April 30, 1999 Stockholm) otherwise known as Marie-Loise Mannervall was a Swedish actor.

Ingrid Luterkort

Ingrid Luterkort (June 28, 1910 Lund-August 3, 2011 Stockholm) also known as Ingrid Eklundh, Carola Ingrid Margareta Segerstedt Luterkort or Carola Ingrid Margareta Eklundh was a Swedish actor, musician and theatre director.

Solveig Hedengran

Solveig Hedengran (April 26, 1910 Stockholm-April 29, 1956 Stockholm) was a Swedish actor.

Marianne Löfgren

Marianne Löfgren (February 24, 1910 Stockholm-September 4, 1957 Solna Municipality) a.k.a. Marianne Lofgren, Jeannette Wedday Marianne Ida Carolina Löfgren, Marianne Bergvall or Marianne Lövgren was a Swedish actor.

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