Swedish actresses who were born in 1962

Here are 12 famous actresses from Sweden were born in 1962:

Lotten Strömstedt

Lotten Strömstedt (August 27, 1962 Bandhagen-) is a Swedish actor, journalist, author, voice actor and composer.

Yvonne Ryding

Yvonne Ryding (December 14, 1962 Eskilstuna-) otherwise known as Yvonne Agneta Ryding or Yvonne Ryding-Bergqvist is a Swedish actor, nurse and football player. Her children are called Nathalie Bergqvist and Sandra Bergqvist.

Maria Langhammer

Maria Langhammer (August 13, 1962 Stockholm-) a.k.a. Maria Christina ("Ia") Langhammer, Ia Langhammer, Ia Langhammar or Maria Christina Langhammer is a Swedish actor and singer.

Charlott Strandberg

Charlott Strandberg (September 20, 1962 Täby-) a.k.a. Charlotte Strandberg or Charlott Strandberg is a Swedish singer and actor.

Lena Nilsson

Lena Nilsson (January 4, 1962 Stockholm-) is a Swedish actor. She has one child, Georg Ramberg.

Margareta Stone

Margareta Stone (February 27, 1962 Boden-) otherwise known as Lena Margareta Stone or Lena Margareta Larsson is a Swedish actor.

Kajsa Ernst

Kajsa Ernst (August 4, 1962 Kortedala-) also known as Anna-Karin Linnéa Ernst or Kajsa Anna-Karin Linnéa Ernst is a Swedish actor.

Denize Karabuda

Denize Karabuda (February 12, 1962 Stockholm City Centre-) is a Swedish actor, screenwriter and film director. Her child is called Effie Carlsson.

Lena Bergman

Lena Bergman (October 15, 1962 Solna Municipality-) is a Swedish actor.

Eva Callenbo

Eva Callenbo (April 27, 1962 Skarpnäck-) also known as Eva Kristina Callenbo is a Swedish screenwriter, actor and writer.

Catharina Alinder

Catharina Alinder (October 26, 1962 Sundbyberg Municipality-) also known as Maria Catharina Alinder is a Swedish actor, casting director and singer.

Annika Fehling

Annika Fehling (October 25, 1962 Gothenburg-) is a Swedish actor and musician.

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