Swedish actresses who deceased at age 78

Here are 3 famous actresses from Sweden died at 78:

Aino Taube

Aino Taube (July 11, 1912 Espergærde-July 11, 1990 Stockholm) a.k.a. Aino Taube-Henrikson was a Swedish actor. Her children are called Mathias Henrikson and Ella Henrikson.

She was born on July 11, 1912 in Espergærde, Denmark to Swedish parents. She grew up in Sweden and began her acting career in the late 1920s. Aino Taube gained fame in both Sweden and Germany for her roles in theater, film, and television. She appeared in over 50 films throughout her career, including the 1939 film "Only One Night" for which she received critical acclaim. Taube's talent was not limited to acting, as she was also a gifted singer and performed in several operas and musicals. She was married to the renowned Swedish actor Edvin Adolphson for over four decades until his death in 1979. In addition to her two children, she also had several grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Aino Taube passed away on July 11, 1990 in Stockholm on her 78th birthday. She remains a beloved figure in Swedish theater and film history.

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Naima Wifstrand

Naima Wifstrand (September 4, 1890 Stockholm-October 23, 1968 Stockholm) a.k.a. Siri Naima Matilda Wifstrand was a Swedish actor, singer, composer and film director.

She started her career in the 1910s and became known for her roles in various Swedish films, including "The Count of the Old Town" and "Intermezzo". Wifstrand was also a successful stage performer, and took on numerous roles in plays by writers such as William Shakespeare and August Strindberg. In the 1950s, she turned to directing and directed several films, including "Lille Fridolf and I". Apart from being an actor and director, Wifstrand was also a composer and wrote numerous songs that became popular in Sweden. She was a respected figure in the Swedish entertainment industry and is regarded as one of the most iconic actors in Swedish cinema.

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Irma Christenson

Irma Christenson (January 14, 1915 Hunnebostrand-February 21, 1993 Stockholm) a.k.a. Irma Alexandra Christensson, Irma Rundquist or Irma Christenson-Rundquist was a Swedish actor. She had one child, Mikael Rundquist.

Irma Christenson made her debut on the big screen in 1938 and quickly rose to fame due to her important roles in several movies in the 1940s and 1950s. She acted in a variety of genres ranging from drama to comedy and held the lead role in a number of films. Apart from movies, she was also active in theater, regularly performing in plays both in Stockholm and Gothenburg.

She received several accolades for her acting including the distinguished Swedish Academy Award for Best Leading Actress in 1951 for her role in "Lev farligt" (Live Dangerously) and a Best Actress nomination at the Berlin International Film Festival in the same year for her performance in "Sång till Havet" (Song to the Sea).

In addition to her successful acting career, Irma Christenson was also active in politics, specifically in the Social Democratic Party. She served on the board of directors for several organizations and foundations, and was also a member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Music.

Christenson remained a beloved and respected public figure long after her acting career had ended. Her contributions to both the film industry and society at large continue to be remembered and celebrated in Sweden.

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