Swedish actresses who deceased in 1960

Here are 2 famous actresses from Sweden died in 1960:

Edith Wallén

Edith Wallén (October 21, 1891 Stockholm-June 29, 1960) otherwise known as Edith Katarina Wallén was a Swedish actor. She had one child, Lennart Wallén.

Edith Wallén was a prominent figure in Swedish theater and film industry during the early 20th century. She began her career in 1913 as a stage actress and eventually ventured into films in 1916. Her noteworthy performances on stage and screen helped cement her reputation as one of the most versatile actors of her time. She appeared in various film genres, including drama, comedy, romance and action, and was known for her ability to convey a wide range of emotions through her acting. Apart from her acting talents, Wallén was also regarded for her striking beauty and effortless charm. She continued to act in films and on stage until the mid-1950s when she retired from public life. Throughout her career, she received numerous awards and accolades for her contributions to the Swedish arts.

In addition to her successful acting career, Edith Wallén also worked as a theater director and a drama teacher. She was known for her passion for theater arts and her dedication to sharing her knowledge and experience with younger generations of actors. Wallén was also actively involved in the work of various cultural organizations in Sweden, including the Swedish National Theatre Association and the Society of Swedish Composers, Authors, and Publishers. In recognition of her achievements, she was awarded the prestigious Litteris et Artibus medal by the Swedish King Gustaf VI Adolf in 1950. Despite her retirement from public life, Edith Wallén continued to be remembered as one of the most iconic figures of Swedish theater and cinema.

Manda Björling

Manda Björling (October 15, 1876 Stockholm-February 29, 1960 Stockholm) otherwise known as Manda Bjørling or Hedvig Amanda Lindroth was a Swedish actor. She had one child, Renée Björling.

Manda Björling began her acting career in 1901 and became a well-known stage performer in Sweden, appearing in over 100 productions at various theaters in Stockholm. She also appeared in several films, including the silent film "Systrarna Östermans huskors" (1913), which was based on a popular Swedish play. In addition to her acting work, Björling was also a philanthropist, supporting charitable causes throughout her life. She was recognized for her contributions to the arts and was awarded the Illis Quorum medal in 1948, one of Sweden's highest honors. Despite retiring from acting in the 1940s, she remained active in the theater community and was highly respected among her colleagues until her death in 1960 at the age of 83.

Manda Björling was born into an artistic family - her mother was a singer and her father was a writer. Her siblings also pursued careers in the arts, with her brother, John Björling, becoming a well-known tenor. Manda Björling was known for her powerful performances on stage and was praised for her ability to convey strong emotions in her acting. She was particularly acclaimed for her performances in Henrik Ibsen's plays, such as "A Doll's House" and "Hedda Gabler." Björling's contribution to Swedish theater was so significant that a street in Stockholm was named after her in 1960, following her death.

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