Swedish actresses who deceased in 1961

Here are 1 famous actresses from Sweden died in 1961:

Harriet Bosse

Harriet Bosse (February 19, 1878 Oslo-November 2, 1961 Oslo) otherwise known as Harriet Strindberg-Bosse or Harriet Sofie Bosse was a Swedish actor. Her child is called Anne-Marie Hagelin.

Harriet Bosse began her acting career at the age of 17 and quickly gained recognition for her talent. She became a prominent actor in Sweden and Denmark, performing in both classical and modern plays. Bosse was also known for her beauty, which made her a popular subject of photographers and artists.

In 1901, Bosse married the famous Swedish playwright August Strindberg. The couple had a tumultuous relationship and divorced only three years later. Despite the short marriage, Bosse's connection with Strindberg had a significant impact on her career. She acted in several of his plays, including "The Dance of Death" and "Easter."

After her divorce from Strindberg, Bosse continued to act in both Sweden and Denmark, gaining critical acclaim for her performances. She retired from acting in the 1920s and lived a quiet life until her death in 1961.

Bosse's legacy as an accomplished actor and her relationship with Strindberg continue to intrigue and inspire scholars and artists today.

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