Swedish actresses who deceased in 1969

Here are 1 famous actresses from Sweden died in 1969:

Brita Öberg

Brita Öberg (May 22, 1900-December 26, 1969 Stockholm) a.k.a. Brita Golowin, Britta Öberg, Brita Öberg-Golowin or Brita Amalia Öberg was a Swedish actor.

She was born in Stockholm, Sweden and began her acting career there in the 1920s. Over the course of her career, she appeared in over 30 films and several stage productions. Some of her notable film roles include Ingrid in "Swing it, magistern!" (1940), Märta in "Pengar - en tragikomisk saga" (1946), and Lisa in "The Seventh Seal" (1957) directed by Ingmar Bergman. Öberg was also known for her work in Swedish radio dramas, particularly in the 1940s and 1950s. She passed away in Stockholm in 1969 at the age of 69.

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