Swedish musicians who were born in 1957

Here are 7 famous musicians from Sweden were born in 1957:

Samuel Fröler

Samuel Fröler (March 24, 1957 Nybro-) is a Swedish actor. He has six children, Jakob Fröler, Amanda Fröler, August Fröler, Eira Fröler, Arvid Fröler and Malte Fröler.

His most recognized albums: Blunda mig till ljus igen.

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Sissela Kyle

Sissela Kyle (March 17, 1957 Örgryte-) also known as Sissela Maria Kyle is a Swedish comedian and actor. She has two children, Martina Kyle and Hjalmar Kyle.

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Christer Björkman

Christer Björkman (August 25, 1957 Borås-) also known as Christer Bjorkman, Christer Bjoerkman or Bjoerkman, Christer is a Swedish singer.

Genres he performed: Schlager music and Chanson.

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Stephan Berg

Stephan Berg (February 11, 1957-) also known as Berg, Stephan is a Swedish composer and songwriter.

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Thåström (March 20, 1957 Högdalen-) also known as Joakim Thastrom, Thåstrøm, Thastrom, Joakim Thåström, Sven Joachim Eriksson Thåström or Pimme is a Swedish musician. He has two children, Jenoa Jullesson Thåström and Bob Thåström.

His discography includes: Solo, Volume I, Sönder Boulevard, Två + två, Ingenting gör mig, Skebokvarnsv. 209, Fanfanfan, Singoalla, Thåström, Om Black Jim and Mannen som blev en gris. Genres related to him: Punk rock, Hard rock, Rock music and Industrial music.

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Dr. Alban

Dr. Alban (August 26, 1957 Imo State-) also known as Doctor Alban, Dr Alban, Alban Nwapa, Alban, Dr. or Alban Uzoma Nwapa is a Swedish musician.

Discography: The Very Best of 1990-1997, This Time I'm Free, Mr. DJ / Guess Who's Coming to Dinner, Look Who's Talking! - The Album, Long Time Ago, Let the Beat Go On, I Like to Move It, Born in Africa, 200% Platinum Hits and Prescription. Genres: Eurodance, Reggae, Dancehall, Hip hop music, Igbo music, Reggae fusion and House music.

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Anders Jormin

Anders Jormin (September 7, 1957 Jönköping-) otherwise known as Jormin, Anders is a Swedish composer and bassist.

His albums: Xieyi, Once, Goodbye, In Winds, In Light and Ad Lucem. Genres he performed include Jazz.

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