Swedish musicians who were born in 1963

Here are 27 famous musicians from Sweden were born in 1963:

Leif Edling

Leif Edling (August 6, 1963-) a.k.a. Edling, Leif is a Swedish singer, musician, songwriter and bassist.

Discography: The Black Heart of Candlemass: Demos & Outtakes '83-'99 and Songs of Torment - Songs of Joy. Genres related to him: Heavy metal, Doom metal and Power metal.

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Fredrik Lindström

Fredrik Lindström (June 27, 1963 Eskilstuna-) also known as Fredrik Lindstrom or Lindström, Fredrik is a Swedish writer, comedian and linguist. His children are called Flora Lindström and Clara Lindström.

His albums: , , and .

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Kishti Tomita

Kishti Tomita (November 19, 1963-) is a Swedish , .

Genres he performed include Soul music.

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Björn Kjellman

Björn Kjellman (June 4, 1963 Östra Grevie-) also known as Bjorn Kjellman, Kjellman, Björn or John Björn Sture Kjellman is a Swedish singer and actor.

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Mikael Persbrandt

Mikael Persbrandt (September 25, 1963 Jakobsberg-) also known as Mikael Åke Persbrandt, Mikael Persbrant or Micke is a Swedish actor. He has two children, Igor Edgar Persbrandt Lundell and Åke Lo Persbrandt.

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Jonas Gardell

Jonas Gardell (November 2, 1963 Enebyberg-) also known as Gardell, Jonas is a Swedish writer, novelist, screenwriter and comedian. He has two children, Amos Gardell and Olga Levengood.

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Mikkey Dee

Mikkey Dee (October 31, 1963 Gothenburg-) also known as Michael Delaouglou, Mikkey D, Dee, Mikkey or Micael Kiriakos Delaoglou is a Swedish musician, drummer and songwriter.

Genres: Heavy metal, Speed metal, Black metal and Hard rock.

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Thomas Di Leva

Thomas Di Leva (October 23, 1963 Gävle-) otherwise known as Thomas DiLeva, DiLeva, Thomas Magnusson or Tomas DiLeva is a Swedish singer. He has two children, Telo Di Leva and Cosmo Di Leva.

His albums include Hoppets Röst, Everyone Is Jesus, Love Is the Heart, Älska, Vem ska jag tro på?, Rymdblomma, Noll, Naked Number One, Jag är du and För Sverige i rymden.

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Yngwie Malmsteen

Yngwie Malmsteen (June 30, 1963 Stockholm-) also known as Malmsteen, Yngwie, Yngwie J Malmsteen, Yngwie Johann Malmsteen, Yngwie Johan Malmsteen, Malmsteen, Yngwie J., Lars Johan Yngve Lannerbäck or Lars Y. Loudamp is a Swedish musician, songwriter, guitarist, record producer and multi-instrumentalist.

His albums: Trilogy, Trial by Fire: Live in Leningrad, Eclipse, The Yngwie Malmsteen Collection, Fire & Ice, The Seventh Sign, Magnum Opus, Inspiration, Facing the Animal and Concerto Suite for Electric Guitar and Orchestra. Genres he performed include Neoclassical metal, Power metal, Hard rock, Heavy metal, Speed metal, Glam metal, Progressive metal, Instrumental rock and Traditional heavy metal.

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Magnus Rosén

Magnus Rosén (June 10, 1963 Gothenburg-) also known as Magnus Rosen, Rosén, Magnus or Klas Magnus Rosén is a Swedish bassist.

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Johan Rheborg

Johan Rheborg (June 5, 1963 Täby-) also known as Johan Reborg, Carl Johan Rheborg, Johan Rhenborg or Percy is a Swedish actor, comedian and screenwriter. He has two children, Linnea Rheborg and Emma Rheborg.

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Tony Niemistö

Tony Niemistö (February 10, 1963 Danderyd Municipality-) also known as Tony Niemisto, Tony Reno or Reno, Tony is a Swedish drummer.

Genres he performed include Hard rock, Speed metal, Heavy metal and Power metal.

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Roland Pöntinen

Roland Pöntinen (May 4, 1963 Sweden-) also known as Pöntinen, Roland is a Swedish , .

His albums: Roland Pöntinen Plays Russian Piano Music, Sonata no. 2 in Phrygian Key / Ballade on a Theme of Mart Saar / Sonata for Alto Saxophone and Piano / The Retreating Soldier's Song / Ave Maria, Erik Satie (feat. piano: Roland Pontinen), The Virtuoso Trombone, The Complete Symphonies, Volume 4: No. 5 in D minor / No. 6 in G minor, Complete Works for Cello and Piano, A Bird Came Down the Walk, The Alfred Schnittke Edition, Volume 13: Piano Quintet / Kanon in memoriam Igor Strawinsky / Piano Quartet / String Trio, Impressions and Eroica" Variations, op. 35 / Six Bagatelles, op. 126 / Sonata no. 12 in A-flat, op. 26.

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John Levén

John Levén (October 25, 1963 Stockholm-) also known as John Leven, Levén, John, John Gunnar Levén or Jompa is a Swedish bassist. He has three children, Adrian Levén, Daniel Levén and Alex Levén.

Genres he performed: Hard rock, Heavy metal and Glam metal.

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Joey Tempest

Joey Tempest (August 19, 1963 Upplands Väsby-) otherwise known as Rolf Magnus Joakim Larsson or Jocke is a Swedish singer, keyboard player and composer. His child is called James Joakim Larsson.

His albums include Forgiven, Joey Tempest, Azalea Place, A Place to Call Home and Under The Influence. Genres he performed: Hard rock, Glam metal, Heavy metal and Country rock.

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Jens Johansson

Jens Johansson (November 2, 1963 Stockholm-) also known as Johansson or Johansson, Jens is a Swedish keyboard player and musician.

His discography includes: Sonic Winter, The Last Viking, Fission, Heavy Machinery and Unseen Rain. Genres related to him: Jazz fusion, Neoclassical metal, Progressive metal, Power metal, Speed metal and Heavy metal.

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Dag Volle

Dag Volle (April 26, 1963 Norway-August 30, 1998 Sweden) a.k.a. Denniz PoP or Deniz Pop was a Swedish disc jockey, record producer and songwriter.

Genres he performed include Teen pop, Eurodance and Pop music.

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Kalle Moraeus

Kalle Moraeus (July 15, 1963 Orsa-) also known as Moraeus, Kalle, Orsa Spelmän or Kalle Anders Moraeus is a Swedish actor and musician.

His albums: Bitå, , and .

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Lotta Engberg

Lotta Engberg (March 5, 1963 Överkalix Municipality-) also known as Anna Charlotte Pedersen, Engberg, Lotta, Lotta Engbergs, Kicki Bettan & Lotta, Kicki Bettan and Lotta, Kicki Bettan and Lotta and Triple & Touch or Anna Charlotte "Lotta" Engberg is a Swedish singer and actor. She has two children, Malin Engberg and Amanda Engberg.

Her most recognized albums: Fyra Bugg och en Coca-Cola och andra hits, På Begäran, Stora Rubriker, Tjejer & Snubbar Kärringar & Gubbar, Tolv i Topp, Fyra Bugg & en Coca Cola, Världens bästa lotta, 100%, Kvinna & man and Fyra Bugg & en Coca Cola och andra hits. Genres: Folk music, Musical theatre, Pop music, Dansband and Schlager music.

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Nina Stemme

Nina Stemme (May 11, 1963 Stockholm-) is a Swedish opera singer.

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Stina Rautelin

Stina Rautelin (October 25, 1963 Helsinki-) also known as Stina Agnes Elisabeth Rautelin is a Swedish actor, film director and television director.

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Sussie Eriksson

Sussie Eriksson (January 2, 1963 Huddinge Municipality-) also known as Sussie Ericsson or Maria Susanne Eriksson is a Swedish actor and singer.

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Cia Berg

Cia Berg (December 2, 1963 Sweden-) also known as Cia Soro or Berg, Cia is a Swedish presenter and singer.

Genres she performed: Rock music.

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Anna Mannheimer

Anna Mannheimer (July 5, 1963 Gothenburg-) also known as Mannheimer, Anna is a Swedish , .

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Katarina Dalayman

Katarina Dalayman (January 25, 1963 Stockholm-) is a Swedish singer and opera singer.

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Chips Kiesbye

Chips Kiesbye (June 25, 1963 Borlänge-) also known as Mats Gerhard "Chips" Kiesbye is a Swedish musician, record producer, songwriter and audio engineer.

Genres: Punk rock, Psychedelic rock, Pop music, Rock music, Garage rock, Power pop, Skate punk, Garage punk and Post-punk revival.

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Bengan Janson

Bengan Janson (February 23, 1963 Stockholm-) also known as Janson, Bengan or Bengt Åke Jansson is a Swedish musician and accordionist.

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