Swedish musicians who were born in 1970

Here are 26 famous musicians from Sweden were born in 1970:

Anna Book

Anna Book (September 10, 1970 Stockholm-) also known as Book, Anna is a Swedish singer. She has three children, Felicia Toledano, Antonio Toledano and Vanessa Toledano.

Her albums include Hjärtat bankar, Killsnack, Runt runt, ABC, Ett julkort ifrån dej, Det finns en morgondag, Längtar, Vem kan stoppa två hjärtan, Det finns mycket som man inte känner till and Namn och nummer.

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Izabella Scorupco

Izabella Scorupco (June 4, 1970 Białystok-) also known as Izabella Dorota Scorupco, Izabella Dorota Skorupko, izabella_scorupco, Izabella, Iza, Isabella Scoroupco or Isabella Scorupco is a Swedish actor, model and singer. She has two children, Julia Czerkawski and Jacob Martin Raymond.

Her albums include Iza, Substitute, I Write You A Love Song and Shame Shame Shame.

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Ulf Ekberg

Ulf Ekberg (December 6, 1970 Gothenburg-) also known as Buddha, Ekberg, Ulf or Ulf Gunnar Ekberg is a Swedish songwriter, keyboard player, record producer, singer, businessperson, film producer and television producer.

His related genres: Rock Against Communism and Pop music.

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Shanti Roney

Shanti Roney (November 24, 1970 Spånga-) also known as Shanti Grau Roney or Shanti Rooney is a Swedish actor and voice actor. He has three children, Luis Roney, Ella Roney and Elvin Roney.

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Joakim Berg

Joakim Berg (March 16, 1970 Eskilstuna-) also known as Berg, Joakim is a Swedish singer, songwriter and musician.

His albums: Det Känns Perfekt (You Might Think). Genres related to him: Alternative rock, Rock music and Pop music.

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Peter Tägtgren

Peter Tägtgren (June 3, 1970 Stockholm-) otherwise known as Peter Tagtgren or Tägtgren, Peter is a Swedish singer, guitarist, musician, record producer and songwriter.

His related genres: Black metal, Death metal, Industrial metal, Melodic death metal, Grindcore and Electronic rock.

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Dominika Peczynski

Dominika Peczynski (September 20, 1970 Warsaw-) is a Swedish singer, presenter and model. She has two children, Hannah Sabina Edna Bari and Harry Bartal.

Genres she performed: Pop music.

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Lisa Nilsson

Lisa Nilsson (August 13, 1970 Tyresö Municipality-) a.k.a. Lisa Nilson, Nilsson, Lisa, Lisa Nelson or Nelson, Lisa is a Swedish singer.

Discography: Himlen runt hörnet, Till Morelia, Små rum, Samlade sånger 1992-2003, Viva, Hotel Vermont 609, Lean on Love, Allt jag behöver, 20: En jubileumssamling and Ticket to Heaven.

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Helen Sjöholm

Helen Sjöholm (July 10, 1970 Sundsvall-) also known as Helen Sjoholm, Sjöholm, Helen, Marie Helen Sjöholm Granditsky, Marie Helen Sjöholm, Helen Sj枚holm or Helen Sjöholm Granditsky is a Swedish singer, actor and theater performer. She has three children, Samuel Erik Mikael Granditsky, Johanna Blenda Marie Granditsky and Ruben Granditsky.

Her albums: Visor, Euforia – Helen Sjöholm sjunger Billy Joel, Genom varje andetag and O klang och jubeltid.

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Sofia Källgren

Sofia Källgren (August 17, 1970 Sweden-) also known as Sofia Kallgren or Källgren, Sofia is a Swedish singer. She has two children, Rasmus Astrom and Selma Astrom.

Her albums include Handen på hjärtat, Julen är kommen, Mina Sånger, Min älskade, 東方西方①, Skönheten och Odjuret, and .

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Therese Merkel

Therese Merkel (April 18, 1970 Nyköping-) also known as Tess Merkel or Eva Therese Margaretha Merkel is a Swedish actor and singer.

Genres she performed: Pop music.

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Martin Sköld

Martin Sköld (October 2, 1970 Sparreholm-) also known as Martin Skold or Sköld, Martin is a Swedish musician and bassist.

Related albums: Tuna 350. Genres he performed: Synthpop, Alternative rock, Indie rock, Post-punk, Rock music and Pop music.

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Fredrik Thordendal

Fredrik Thordendal (February 11, 1970 Umeå-) also known as Thordendal, Fredrik is a Swedish guitarist, musician and songwriter.

His most important albums: Sol Niger Within. Genres he performed: Heavy metal, Technical death metal, Progressive metal, Thrash metal, Avant-garde metal, Jazz fusion and Extreme metal.

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Joakim Åhlund

Joakim Åhlund (August 9, 1970 Stockholm-) otherwise known as Jocko Apa, Joakim Ahlund, Jocke Åhlund or Åhlund, Joakim is a Swedish , .

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Andreas Johnson

Andreas Johnson (March 22, 1970 Bjärred-) also known as Johnson, Andreas or Andreas Johnsson is a Swedish singer and singer-songwriter.

His discography includes: Glorious, Deadly Happy, Mr Johnson, Your Room Is on Fire, Shine, The Collector, Liebling and Rediscovered. Genres: Pop music and Rock music.

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Krister Linder

Krister Linder (February 9, 1970 Stockholm-) otherwise known as Tupilaq, Chris Lancelot, Yeti, Solaroid, K, Krister Roger Linder or Chris Linder is a Swedish singer, film score composer, musician, songwriter and music producer.

His albums include Alaskanlab Sweden 1995, Volver EP, Songs From the Silent Years and Metropia. Genres related to him: Trip hop, Downtempo, Electronica, Film score and Heavy metal.

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Adrian Erlandsson

Adrian Erlandsson (October 27, 1970 Malmö Municipality-) also known as El Podrido or Erlandsson, Adrian is a Swedish drummer and musician.

Genres he performed: Black metal, Death metal, Heavy metal, Melodic death metal, Extreme metal, Deathgrind, Grindcore, Goregrind, Rock music, Crust punk and D-beat.

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David Parland

David Parland (September 26, 1970-March 19, 2013) also known as Blackmoon was a Swedish , .

Genres he performed include Black metal and Death metal.

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Malin Berggren

Malin Berggren (October 31, 1970 Gothenburg-) also known as Linn Berggren, Berggren, Malin, Malin Sofia Katarina Berggren, Malin or Linn is a Swedish singer, singer-songwriter and songwriter.

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Sami Sirviö

Sami Sirviö (May 28, 1970-) otherwise known as Sami Sirvio or Sirviö, Sami is a Swedish musician and songwriter.

Genres: Alternative rock and Rock music.

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Pandora (June 20, 1970 Västerås-) also known as Anneli Magnusson is a Swedish singer-songwriter.

Her albums: One of a Kind, Tell the World, Changes, This Could Be Heaven, Breathe, A Little Closer, Greatest Hits & Remixes, Don't Worry, Pandora's Hit Box and Trust Me. Genres: Pop music and Eurodance.

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Jonna Liljendahl

Jonna Liljendahl (November 6, 1970 Stockholm-) also known as Jonna Lisa Liljendahl or Liljendahl, Jonna is a Swedish actor. She has two children, Hugo Liljendahl and Moa Liljendahl.

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Malena Ernman

Malena Ernman (November 4, 1970 Uppsala-) also known as Sara Magdalena Ernman is a Swedish singer. She has two children, Greta Thunberg and Beata Thunberg.

Discography: La Voix du Nord, , , Male Choruses and I decembertid. Genres: Operatic pop and Baroque pop.

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Joacim Cans

Joacim Cans (February 19, 1970 Mora-) otherwise known as Cans or Cans, Joacim is a Swedish songwriter and singer.

His most recognized albums: Beyond the Gates and . Genres related to him: Power metal and Heavy metal.

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Sara Lunden

Sara Lunden (March 30, 1970 Gothenburg-) also known as Sara Lundén or SaraLunden is a Swedish film score composer, actor and screenwriter.

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Anna Järvinen

Anna Järvinen (April 16, 1970 Helsinki-) also known as Anna Jarvinen or Anna Päivikki Järvinen is a Swedish singer, composer and musician.

Her albums: Jag fick feeling, , , , , , and . Genres she performed: Pop music and Soul music.

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