Swedish musicians who were born in 1971

Here are 23 famous musicians from Sweden were born in 1971:

Lisa Ekdahl

Lisa Ekdahl (July 29, 1971 Stockholm-) otherwise known as Lisa Ekdahl, Peter Nordahl Trio, lisa ekdahl - peter nordahl trio, Lisa Ekdal, Lisa Ekdhal or Ekdahl, Lisa is a Swedish singer and singer-songwriter. She has one child, Milton Öhrström.

Her albums include Lisa Ekdahl, When Did You Leave Heaven, Med kroppen mot jorden, Sings Salvadore Poe, Heaven, Earth and Beyond, En samling sånger, Olyckssyster, Pärlor av glas, Bortom det blå and It's Oh So Quiet. Genres she performed: Jazz.

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Magnum St.Pierre

Magnum St.Pierre (March 22, 1971 Malmö Municipality-July 5, 2008) was a Swedish , .

Genres he performed: Dance-pop and Pop music.

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Johanna Lind

Johanna Lind (October 13, 1971-) is a Swedish , .

Johanna Lind (October 13, 1971-) is a Swedish former professional tennis player. She represented Sweden in the Fed Cup and was ranked as high as No. 25 in the world in singles and No. 29 in doubles. Lind had a successful career on the WTA Tour, reaching the quarterfinals or better at all four Grand Slams during her career, including a semifinal appearance at the 1995 French Open. She won three WTA singles titles and six doubles titles throughout her career. After retiring from professional tennis, Lind worked as a coach and commentator for Swedish television. She also started a career in business, founding a company that works with children's physical activity and health.

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Max Martin

Max Martin (February 26, 1971 Stockholm-) a.k.a. Martin Karl Sandberg, Martin Sandberg, Karl Martin Sandberg or Martin White is a Swedish songwriter, singer, record producer, composer and musician.

Genres he performed: Pop rock, Pop music, Dance music, Dance-pop, Rock music, Contemporary R&B, Europop and Electropop.

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Peter Jöback

Peter Jöback (June 4, 1971 Stockholm-) a.k.a. Peter Joback or Jöback, Peter is a Swedish singer, actor and musician. He has one child, Vega Lee.

His albums: Peter Jöback, Personliga val, Only When I Breathe, Jag kommer hem igen till jul, I Feel Good and I'm Worth It, Det här är platsen, Storybook, Flera sidor av samma man, Människor som du och jag and En god jul och ett gott nytt år. Genres he performed: Musical theatre and Pop music.

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Kristian Wåhlin

Kristian Wåhlin (December 4, 1971 Gothenburg-) a.k.a. Kristian Wahlin or Necrolord is a Swedish graphic designer, singer and musician.

Genres: Doom metal, Power metal, Gothic metal, Black metal, Melodic death metal and Death metal.

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Mattias Lindblom

Mattias Lindblom (February 19, 1971 Skanör-) a.k.a. Lindblom, Mattias is a Swedish singer.

He started his music career as a member of the pop group Friends in the 1990s, which became hugely popular in Sweden. After leaving the group, Lindblom launched a successful solo career, releasing several albums and singles. He is known for his soulful singing style and often incorporates elements of R&B and funk in his music. Lindblom has won several awards for his music, including a Swedish Grammy for Best Male Pop/Rock Artist. He continues to perform and record music, and is considered one of the most influential pop singers in Sweden. In addition to his music career, Lindblom is also an actor and has appeared in several films and TV shows.

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Anette Olzon

Anette Olzon (June 21, 1971 Katrineholm-) a.k.a. Anette Blyckert, Anette Olsson, Olzon, Anette, Anette Ingegerd Blyckert or Anette Ingegerd Olzon is a Swedish singer, musician and singer-songwriter. Her children are Seth Husgafvel, Nemo Husgafvel and Mio Husgafvel.

Discography: Falling, Shine and Lies. Genres related to her: Symphonic metal, Melodic Rock, Heavy metal, Power metal, Soul music, Pop music, Acoustic music, Alternative rock and Classic rock.

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Jari Haapalainen

Jari Haapalainen (June 6, 1971 Sweden-) also known as Haapalainen, Jari is a Swedish , .

musician, songwriter, and record producer. He is best known for his work as a producer, having produced albums for a diverse range of artists such as The Concretes, Camera Obscura, Ed Harcourt, and Johnossi. Haapalainen has also released several albums as a solo artist and has collaborated with various other notable musicians throughout his career. In addition to his music work, Haapalainen had also worked as a journalist and a radio host in his earlier years. He has been credited with helping to shape the sound of indie pop and indie rock in the early 2000s.

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Annika Thörnquist

Annika Thörnquist (June 8, 1971 Karlstad-) also known as Annika Thornquist or Thörnquist, Annika is a Swedish musician.

She was the lead vocalist of the pop group X-Models in the 1990s, which became one of Sweden's most popular bands. Thörnquist has also performed as a solo artist and collaborated with various other musicians throughout her career. In addition to singing, she is also a talented guitarist and has written and co-written many of her own songs. Thörnquist's music is known for its catchy melodies and heartfelt lyrics, and she has been praised for her powerful and emotive vocal performances. Despite her success, she is known for her humble and down-to-earth personality, and remains a beloved figure in the Swedish music scene.

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Harri Mänty

Harri Mänty (July 31, 1971 Västerås-) also known as Harri Manty, Mänty, Harri, Harri Kalervo Manty or Kent is a Swedish musician.

He is the founder and lead guitarist of the Swedish heavy metal band, Sonata Arctica, which he formed in 1995. Mänty initially played bass in the band, but switched to guitar after their first album. He has been a key member of the band ever since, contributing to their unique sound with his melodic guitar riffs and solos.

Mänty has also released music as a solo artist under the name Harri Kauppinen. In addition to his music career, he is a certified electrician and has worked in construction before achieving success with Sonata Arctica.

Mänty is known for his technical guitar playing skills and has been called one of the most influential guitarists in the power metal genre. He has influenced many other musicians in the genre and has been praised for his innovative approach to guitar playing.

Outside of music, Mänty is an avid horror movie fan and collects horror movie memorabilia. He is also a keen photographer and has taken many of the band's promotional photos over the years.

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Annika Kjærgaard

Annika Kjærgaard (May 18, 1971 Hässleholm-) also known as Annika Eva Ingegerd Johansson, Annikafiore or Annika Eva Ingegerd Kjærgaard is a Swedish singer.

Genres: Pop music.

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Bassic (January 20, 1971 Borås-) is a Swedish musician and videographer.

His most well known albums: Rhythmic Flotations, Artificiality, Artificiality 2003, Audiology I, Audiology II, Audiology III, Audiology IV, Audiology V, Golden Oldies and Precipitation. Genres he performed: Electronica, Ambient music, Trance music, New-age music, Electronic dance music and Lounge music.

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Sara Edwardsson

Sara Edwardsson (June 24, 1971 Uppsala-) is a Swedish actor and singer.

She is best known for her work in Swedish television and film industry. Sara began her acting career in 1992 with a small role in the television series 'Morsarvet' and went on to appear in several other TV shows such as 'Rederiet', 'Svensson, Svensson', 'Andra Avenyn' and 'Innan vi dör'.

Sara has also acted in a number of films including the critically acclaimed 'Budbringeren' and 'Stjärnsystrar'. In addition to acting, she is also a talented singer and has released several albums, including 'Jag ser dig', which was a hit in Sweden.

Apart from her work in the entertainment industry, Sara is also known for her philanthropic efforts. She is a UNICEF ambassador and has been involved in various social causes such as children's welfare and education.

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Claes Björklund

Claes Björklund (January 29, 1971 Motala-) also known as Midnight Ruler is a Swedish record producer and songwriter.

Genres he performed: Rock music, Alternative rock, Synthpop, Experimental music, Independent music and Electronic music.

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Tomas Haake

Tomas Haake (July 13, 1971 Örnsköldsvik-) also known as Thomas Haake or Haake, Thomas is a Swedish drummer, lyricist, musician and songwriter.

Genres he performed include Progressive metal, Thrash metal, Avant-garde metal and Extreme metal.

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Mårten Hagström

Mårten Hagström (April 27, 1971 Örnsköldsvik-) also known as Marten Hagstrom or Hagström, Mårten is a Swedish musician, guitarist, lyricist and composer.

His related genres: Heavy metal, Avant-garde metal, Thrash metal, Extreme metal and Progressive metal.

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Mika Karppinen

Mika Karppinen (February 8, 1971 Eskilstuna-) also known as Mika Kristian Karppinen, Gas Lipstick, Kaasu or Mika "Gas Lipstick" Karppinen is a Swedish drummer, guitarist and musician.

Genres: Alternative rock, Death metal, Goregrind, Deathgrind, Rock music, Hardcore punk and Heavy metal.

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Leila K

Leila K (September 6, 1971 Gothenburg-) otherwise known as Leila K. or Leila El Khalifi is a Swedish , .

Discography: Ça plane pour moi / Check the Dan, Slow Motion, Electric, Greatest Tracks, Open Sesame, Rude Boy (feat. Papa Dee), C'mon Now, Manic Panic and Carousel. Genres related to her: Pop music and Eurodance.

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Christian Liljegren

Christian Liljegren (February 3, 1971-) otherwise known as Christian Rivel or Per Christian Liljegren is a Swedish singer and musician.

Genres he performed include Power metal, Christian metal and Christian music.

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Bjorn Englen

Bjorn Englen (October 9, 1971 Växjö-) also known as Björn Erik Englén is a Swedish , .

rock bassist, composer, and producer. He began playing bass at the age of 14 and quickly gained recognition for his exceptional talent. Englen has worked with several legendary rock bands and artists such as Quiet Riot, Dio Disciples, Yngwie Malmsteen, and Tony MacAlpine.

Apart from his work with world-renowned bands, Englen has also released his own solo album titled "Bassist Chronicles" and he has composed and produced music for films, commercials and TV projects. He has been praised for his technical proficiency as a bassist and his ability to blend different musical styles to create innovative and unique sounds.

Englen has toured extensively around the world and has won numerous awards and accolades for his contributions to the music industry. He continues to inspire and influence aspiring musicians with his exceptional skills and dedication to his craft.

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Jörgen Sandström

Jörgen Sandström (November 13, 1971-) also known as Jorgen Sandstrom or Sandström, Jörgen is a Swedish , .

Jörgen Sandström is a Swedish death metal vocalist and bassist. He is best known for his work with bands like Entombed, Grave, and Krux. Sandström started his musical career as the bassist and vocalist for the Swedish death metal band Grave in 1988. Later, in 1990, he joined Entombed, where he played bass and provided vocals. With Entombed, he contributed to some of the most celebrated albums in the Death Metal genre like "Left Hand Path," and "Clandestine". In addition to his work with Grave and Entombed, Sandström has also worked with bands like Misery Loves Co., The Project Hate MCMXCIX, and Torture Division. He is regarded as one of the most influential figures in the Swedish Death Metal scene.

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Eric Amarillo

Eric Amarillo (June 27, 1971 Halland County-) is a Swedish musician, songwriter, record producer, disc jockey and singer.

His albums: , , , Air and Om sanningen ska fram.

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