Swedish musicians died in Pneumonia

Here are 1 famous musicians from Sweden died in Pneumonia:

Ernst Rolf

Ernst Rolf (January 20, 1891 Falun-December 25, 1932 Stockholm) also known as Ernst Ragnar Johansson was a Swedish singer and actor. His children are Tom Rolf, Sven-Erik Rolf, Aniti Rolf and Lars Rolf.

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Ernst Rolf started his career in entertainment as a revue artist, songwriter, and theater producer. He became an important figure in Swedish entertainment during the 1910s and 1920s, known for his charming stage persona and catchy songs. His popularity soared with hits like "Vill ni se en stjärna", "Lilla Piga", and "När hela världen ser på".

Apart from his music, Rolf also made a name for himself in Swedish cinema. He starred in several films, including the romantic comedy "En natt på hotell" in 1931. He was also a talented stage performer, famous for his elaborate costumes and sets.

Tragically, Rolf's life was cut short when he was killed in a car accident on Christmas Day 1932. His legacy, however, lives on as many of his songs are still beloved in Sweden and his impact on Swedish entertainment continues to be recognized to this day.

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