Swiss movie stars born in 1969

Here are 7 famous actors from Switzerland were born in 1969:

Carlos Leal

Carlos Leal (June 9, 1969 Lausanne-) is a Swiss actor, rapper, film producer, screenwriter, cinematographer, film director and musician.

Leal became interested in music at a young age and started performing with a rap group during his teenage years. He later branched out into acting and made his film debut in the 1993 drama "Les Enfants Terribles." Leal has appeared in numerous films and television shows throughout his career, including "Yasmin," "The Pink Panther," and "Burnout."

In addition to his work as an actor, Leal has also produced, written, and directed several films. His directorial debut, "Grauzone," was released in 2012 and went on to win several awards at international film festivals.

Leal is also known for his work as a musician, with his debut album "Caramel" released in 2016. He has performed at various music festivals throughout Europe and is known for his unique blend of rap, soul, and electro-pop.

Outside of entertainment, Leal is also an advocate for various social causes and has worked with organizations such as Amnesty International and the Swiss Red Cross.

Pascal Ulli

Pascal Ulli (September 22, 1969 Bern-) is a Swiss actor. His children are called Manon Ulli and Maxim Ulli.

Pascal Ulli began his acting career on stage, performing in several theater productions across Switzerland. He later transitioned to television and film, appearing in various popular Swiss TV series and movies. Pascal is also a trained voice actor and has lent his voice to many animated characters in both German and French. In addition to his work in the entertainment industry, Pascal is known for his humanitarian efforts and has been involved in several charitable organizations throughout his career. He is widely respected in Switzerland for his talent and contributions to society.

Jean-Stéphane Bron

Jean-Stéphane Bron (August 25, 1969 Lausanne-) also known as Jean-Stephane Bron is a Swiss film director, screenwriter and actor.

Jean-Stéphane Bron studied film at the École cantonale d'art de Lausanne (ECAL) and later went on to direct his first film "Le Génie Civil" (The Civil Engineer) in 1997.

He gained international attention with his acclaimed 2006 documentary "Cleveland vs. Wall Street" which followed a group of people in Cleveland, Ohio fighting against the banks responsible for their home foreclosures.

Bron has been awarded multiple accolades including the Swiss Film Prize for Best Documentary Film in 2007 and 2018. He is also a member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

Besides filmmaking, Bron has also worked as an actor and made cameo appearances in a number of his own films.

Karim Babin

Karim Babin (March 30, 1969 Lausanne-) otherwise known as Karim Bourara is a Swiss actor.

Karim Babin spent most of his childhood and youth in Lausanne, Switzerland, and developed a passion for acting at a young age. He began his professional career in the early 1990s, appearing in various plays and TV shows. In 1994, he landed his breakthrough role as the lead in the acclaimed Swiss film "La Petite Chambre", which received several awards and nominations.

Since then, Karim Babin has established himself as one of the most versatile actors in Switzerland, working in theatre, film, and television. He has appeared in numerous productions, including "Les Petits Fils" (1998), "Ce jour-là" (2003), and "The Family" (2013), among others. In addition to his acting work, Babin is also a vocal advocate for environmental causes and social justice issues.

Today, Karim Babin is considered one of Switzerland's most respected actors and continues to inspire younger generations of actors with his dedication and commitment to the craft.

Javier Albalá

Javier Albalá (April 5, 1969 Geneva-) otherwise known as Javier Albala is a Swiss actor.

He began his career in the entertainment industry in the 1990s as a stage actor and gradually moved into television and film. Albala is best known for his performances in the Swiss drama "Heimatland" (2015) and the French-Belgian film "Le Fidèle" (2017). He has won numerous awards for his work, including the Swiss Film Award for Best Actor for his role in "Heimatland" in 2016. In addition to his acting career, Albala is also a noted social activist, and has been involved in various causes related to human rights and environmental protection.

Nenad Cvetko

Nenad Cvetko (December 27, 1969 Zurich-) is a Swiss actor.

He is of Slovenian descent and grew up in Zurich. After completing his education at the Zurich University of Arts, he began his acting career in 1998 with a role in the Swiss TV series "Lüthi und Blanc". He is best known for his work in Swiss-German cinema and television, including the films "Breakout" and "The Sandman". In addition to his acting career, he is also a writer and has published several books. In his free time, he enjoys hiking in the Swiss Alps and traveling to new places around the world.

François Feroleto

François Feroleto (August 17, 1969 Montreux-) is a Swiss actor.

He was born to Italian parents and grew up in Switzerland. Feroleto developed a love for acting at a young age and pursued his dreams by studying at the Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute in New York. He made his acting debut in the Swiss film "Der Kandidat" in 2008 and has since appeared in numerous films and TV shows in Switzerland and Europe. Feroleto is also a well-respected theater actor and has performed in productions in Switzerland, Italy, and France. In addition to his acting career, Feroleto is also a successful voice-over artist and has lent his voice to various commercials and films.

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