Swiss movie stars died in 1966

Here are 1 famous actresses from Switzerland died in 1966:

Flora Revalles

Flora Revalles (January 25, 1889 Rolle-August 29, 1966 Geneva) also known as Flore Revalles or Emily Flora Treichler was a Swiss actor, singer and dancer.

She started her professional career as a dancer in Paris in 1913 and performed in several revues. In 1922, she made her first appearance in a singing and acting role in the film "Histoire d'une petite fille". Her energetic performances and dynamic personality made her extremely popular with audiences. She went on to act in several successful films throughout the 1920s, including "Coeur fidèle" and "Gribouille", while also achieving success as a stage performer. In addition to her work in the entertainment industry, Flora was also a committed activist for women's rights and social justice causes. She was a member of the Swiss Socialist Party and helped organize the first International Women's Peace Congress in 1919. After her retirement from the stage and screen in the 1940s, she devoted herself to working with charitable organizations in Geneva.

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