Swiss musicians born in 1920

Here are 5 famous musicians from Switzerland were born in 1920:

Armin Schibler

Armin Schibler (February 20, 1920 Kreuzlingen-September 7, 1986) was a Swiss composer.

Genres: 20th-century classical music and Opera.

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Géo Voumard

Géo Voumard (December 2, 1920 Biel/Bienne-September 3, 2008) was a Swiss architect.

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Stephanie Glaser

Stephanie Glaser (February 22, 1920 Neuchâtel-January 14, 2011 Zollikon) also known as Stefanie Glaser was a Swiss actor.

Her discography includes: Stephanie Glaser.

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Walter Roderer

Walter Roderer (July 3, 1920 St. Gallen-May 8, 2012 Switzerland) otherwise known as Rodi was a Swiss actor and screenwriter.

His albums include .

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Vico Torriani

Vico Torriani (September 21, 1920 Geneva-February 26, 1998 Agno, Ticino) also known as Vico Torriano, Torriani, Vico or Ludovico Oxens Torriani was a Swiss singer and actor.

His discography includes: Santa Lucia, Die großen Hits and .

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